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acne problem

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  • Posted By: lilacrose
  • March 22, 2008
  • 07:35 PM

I'm 33 and tired of my acne problem.
i have seem dermatologists several times and tried lots of medications but nothing seem to get rid of it completely. the last one i tried was C-mycin and benzoyl peroxide. but the pimple seems to level but its there underneath and comes out again after few days. now my skin have red spots and they hurt.
the strange thing is i didnt have this problem till i was 29. i had clear skin before.
Can anyone give me any ideas on how to get rid of it completely

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  • here is one of the best thing i have ever used for bad skin.....even use it on boils/abcess's & it works, although it probably wouldnt be known for that, i just tryed it & it worked U need to use it for a while but it soon works ! Clinique No.2 clarifying lotion(actually it doesnt have to be No.2 any of the other No's would work the same im sure)......twice a day...... use to clean area with cotton pad, then Clinique moisturiser or E45 cream, dont know if u can get that where u are, its a UK product........its basically just a good moisturising cream for skin problems. Clinique products are maybe a bit more expensive but theyre the best ive ever come across.......hope it helps u too ! I dont know if ur a man/woman.......if ur female acne can be a sign of Gyne problems ! just thought id mention that......i watched a morning show on tv & they where talking about it. Good luck :)
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  • I used to work at a medical clinic in Baton Rouge, LA and suffered from severe adult acne. A doctor there told me this and I will be forever grateful. I had deep cystic acne that never quite went away, always there just under the surface. I tried to cover the acne wth lots of makeup which of course you can't do in humid weather. She told me to do this one thing every single day and my skin would clear up in a couple of weeks and that if I kept it up it would not break out again. She was right! As strange as this sounds, eat a small bowl of Kellogg's Raisin Bran cereal every single day at the same time. That's it, that's all. Not oat bran, not fiber pills, just this particular cereal, don't ask me why. Eat it every day around the same time of day. Must be exactly the right combination of vitamins and iron or something. I don't like raisins so I tried just regular wheat bran cereal and it did not work as well. That did it for me. I'm on it for good, and such a simple solution too. Hope it works as well for you!
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  • Hello I found that the one thing that helped get rid of my acne was light therapy, i was very cautious of trying it at first but after doing a lot of research!! decieded to go ahead, i got the beautyskin acne lamp, i used it for 15mins a day and found my acne had gone within 3months of using it! I still use my lamp once or teice a week even though my acne has completely gone now, just to make sure!! It really was the best money i ever spent, the thing that appealed to me the most was the fact that its natural and involves no drugs so i wasn't filling my body with various medications. Ive put a link below to the site i got mine from, even though the product is German, i got my lamp delivered the next day as this company is based in the uk(it just saves shipping time and costs etc) Good Luck though, Let me know how you get on if you go for it. xxx
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  • I was having a few breakouts due to a hormonal imbalance, so I saw a dermatologist, and the prescribed me differin gel, and it cleared my skin up in 2 weeks. Now I only get a pimple once a moth when I get my period. Anyways, you should request that when you see a dermatologist next.
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    • August 20, 2008
    • 04:48 AM
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