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3 Generations of Medical Hypocrisy & Error

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  • Posted By: webwalker
  • March 31, 2007
  • 05:39 AM

My grandfather was blind in one eye and had a cateract develope on his one good eye. Going in for a simple operation to remove the cateract resulted in human error and the doctor did not remove the cateract, but completely removed the one good eye. My grand father attempted suicide shortly there after.

My father went in for a routine check up and the doctor found a spot the lung x-ray. My father related about a childhood disease that had caused the scaring. The doctor gave my father less than 2 weeks to live. My father agree to exploritory surgery to see if the spot was actually cancer and the doctor agreed not to remove anything or do anthing until a biaopsy was made. My father came terrible close to death as the doctor did not wait for the biaopsy but removed several ribs and half of one lung and when the biopsy came back negative the doctor confessed his hand had slipped during the procedure and this error resulted in the removal of half the lung...etc. It was later found that the doctor had fiancial problems and was performing uneccessary procedures. The doctor committed suicide rather than face a court judgement.

My mother had a anuerism and my father rushed her to emergency. No staff could be found, no wheel chair available....etc. Finally, a receptionist was found and she mis-heard the words head ache for ear ache. This resulted in my mother sitting for many, many, hours in the emergency waiting room to see a doctor. When she was finally seen the doctor said the hospital was not equipted to handle her condition and could only make her comfortable until the could find a hospital else where to take and treat her. Several days later she lay in another hospital bleeding at the wrists and ankles from over tight bindings and under observation. No treatment was started. When I challenged this I was told "It is the policy of the hospital not to treat patients over 60 for an anureism because it is our medical experience that they do not live beyond three days." I stated that if treatment was not started immediatly I would have every news crew in California on her front lawn by morning. Treatment was started that night. My mother survived in spite of the doctors and nurses bias toward treating her. My mother was released as comatose according not to a doctor but a nurse. This diagnoses caused an uphill battle for assistance and care even though it was a misdiagnoses. The coma was a medical induced coma due to the medications, once we gradually lowered her medications she could speak, think, read, laugh, and eat, but was paralysed.

At 5 years old I began bleeding from the mouth and bowel, my abdomen swelled and was horrible tender, I was in agonising pain for weeks. I turned yellow, I could not eat or hold anything down, and then one day the symptoms seemed to disappear. The doctors said in was all in my head and to get attention because my father had been shipped overseas.
At 18 I passed out on the hospital floor after 5 hours of waiting to be seen by a doctor. I woke up after fluids and a blood transfusion had been received. I was jaundiced, my abdomin had swelled and I was bleeding from the mouth and bowel, I again had lost a good deal of weight. The doctors could only find an abcess on the bowel and speculated I had irratable bowel disease. At 25 an ultrasound technician was looking at cysts on my ovaries when the tool slipped over to the liver area. The Technician found scaring....later a doctor that did not speak good english, and that was rude and impatient informed me that at one point I had apparently had liver cancer, but that all that was left was scare tissue. I asked if I should be concered and he said If you get sick be concerned. I asked what to look for and with the charm of pit viper sneared that when I got sick I would know it.

To all of you and the pain, and suffering you have caused I bless you!

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  • Doctors are just people ... don't ever forget it and don't just do anything they tell you ... I'd be dead 10 times over if I listened to all the crap they've told me in my 42 years of life!!!
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  • OMG...webwalker, I'm sorry to hear of you & your familys experiences. What a terrible fact that the medical care in this has such bad quality. Maybe someday things will improve with us & others doing as we are and spreading the word that doctors don't always know what they're doing (this helps those who don't know it can happen so they mistakenly blindly trust every doctor they meet).
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