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Please help...21 and desperate

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 10, 2011
  • 06:35 AM

Hi all,

I am a 21 year old, fairly healthy male (6'2", 170 pounds). I exercise, eat pretty healthy, and don't do drugs or alcohol.

However, for the past few years, I've noticed a drastic loss of libido (it's almost completely gone at this point). It's literally impossible for me to achieve an erection unless I masturbate, and even then it's pretty weak (I'd say it's about 75% erect). I used to wake up with erections in the morning, but now it's very, very rare (and once again, even when I do, they aren't full erections). My penis isn't exactly straight (it curves up and a little to the left), and I'm wondering if Peyronie's is the cause.

I have a very loving, supporting, and attractive girlfriend who has told me she's sticking by me no matter what. The problem is, I'm afraid that this problem will never go away, and that she'll move on to someone else. It's killing me, and has made me seriously depressed (I've had bouts with depression for quite some time, but lately it's been getting very serious). I went to the doctor about a year ago to see if he could fix this, and he was literally stumped on what was going on. So that, coupled with feelings of inadequacy, certainly took its toll on me. I tried taking oral medication (Cialis), but it didn't really help much. I also took blood tests and a CAT scan, but nothing came up. Girls find me pretty attractive, and I've had several relationships in the past, but I was always scared and apprehensive when the topic of sex came up. I didn't know how to respond or what to even do, so I tried to avoid the subject as best I could (I think this led some of them to leave me, though, which also attributed to my depression).

Please help, as I don't know what to do anymore. I feel desperate and severely depressed, and am absolutely terrified to be in relationships because of this issue (even though, as I previously stated, I have a kind, loving girlfriend at the moment). I'm wondering if my depression over the years has killed my sex drive, and if frequent masturbation may have inadvertently led to Peyronie's disease. Please, if anyway can give me advice or something, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm pretty uncomfortable with openly talking about this issue, so it's pretty much a miracle that I actually came on here to discuss it.

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  • hmm i can totally understand your feeling your going through, i too go through the same way but for some other problem.... but coming to your topic as you have mentioned its been long time your suffering from these, i really wonder what will be the cause you have not told any thing what doctor have told you, i think you should go and consult some good doctor around. and relax your lucky that you have a loving and caring gf trust her and share your problem with her she could help you out or can suggest some good nice idea to treat your problem, and as you told in the last sentence your depression and over masturbation may also be the cause so be happy and ejoy life with your gf and decreas your masturbation, and you dont worry about any thing about peyronie it not applicable to you so relax and forget about it...best of luck
    brianwhitskey24 15 Replies
    • August 23, 2011
    • 01:04 PM
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