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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 8, 2007
  • 05:37 AM


I had unprotected vaginal and anal sex with a girl at the end of January.
A week or so afterwards I had really bad pains when urinating so the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics for a UTI and the pain went away.

But a couple of weeks later I started to get an almost unbearable itch right inside my penis and a yellowish discharge - there was also some blood in my semen when I masturbated. The doctor gave me some antibiotics to stop the itching and, sure enough it went away.

But now, a week later, I still get a small amount of yellow discharge, mostly during the night and I have a weird internal itching sensation, just behind my scrotum. It doesn't seem to match any of the STD symptoms I can find on the internet. I went to the doctor again today and found out that she has prescibed me two sets of antihistamine / anti-itching drugs, Polaramine and Ebastine. Is it worth taking them? What could be the problem?

Please help as I am based in a foreign country and it's very difficult to find an English-speaking doctor!!

Thanks a lot.

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  • Clearly it is inside the urinal tube, an abscess maybe. Some of the discharge may just have moved deeper in. I've had such a problem, although without any sex. Eventually my penis became blocked and I had to get "meatoplasty" where they operated and fixed it, under local anaesthetic. No big deal, the dentist is worse. See a urologist, not a GP.NB: Keep checking the strengh of urine and semen. If it becomes difficult, immediately buy the narrowest plastic catheter you can find, as well as fluid to sterilize it, and water-based KY jelly (although precum works better). If you do need to use this, lie on your back and bend the catheter into a bottle. Otherwise it will suck air into your bladder. Don't insert if further than needed, and don't use force. Very slowly in and out.Then get to a hospital (urology or emergencies) and ask them to dilate your penis. This is done with incrimental sizes ball-pointed rods. It is painful but the penis is quite tough and simple. Worse for the ego than in reality. Be glad the problem is not more internal. Also eat carefully, no chocolate or stuff that might cause pimples.Try get homoeopathic drops by Dr Vogel of Switzerland, called Bladder Irritation Formula. We even get it here in South Africa. This will also prevent your situ from causing a bladder infection. Good luck friend!
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  • You could have herpes. It does not always look and act like you may think it should. An anti-viral might help. I'm not sure if you will be able to get a blood test for it in your country, but see if you can and then you will know. Most of the time they do scrapings, but the blood test will work even if you are not breaking out. If the blood is not handled properly, you can get a false negative, so that next time you have any sores, you can get one scrapped and checked, too.
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