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Only living half a life

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 31, 2008
  • 07:38 PM

From what I was as a confident outgoing little sod to what I became after puberty at age ten, I have suffered depression all these past thirty years. Now the depression is recognised and I am treated for this, but what caused it, I was never any different except one thing. Puberty, my testicles did not grow and I am infertile. I always felt I was different, and knew it too. A time in the military proved that. One girlfriend, one wife, one marriage, all gone because of the depression and little interest in sex.

Childish my ex wife used to call me or child like in more ways than one. Tests I had, but no reasons to why the testes did not grow, I can accept infertility, but I am different. The parting shot from my ex wife on leaving was that no woman wants a man with small balls, something I felt to be true, silly I know, a man is not measured by how big his balls are, but all I want to be is the same as everyone else, to look normal.

I don't tackle this, the depression will remain, as confidence suffers now as it has always done.

Are there any options I could consider?

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  • I highly recommend this book "Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers............it helps u to look at things from a different perspective......it helped me to change things & beat years of depression, mine was reactive depression caused by a lot of pain & hurt over many many years.........all dead & gone now........it is possible to beat it........which I never ever thought i could do.........The very first step is "Wanting Too" then one step at a time.......its not easy.......nothing worth while ever is ! U can go to all the counceling in the world, it wont really work untill it clicks in ur own head, thats when u can change things. Its like a light being switched on ! Uve gotta keep at it.......................u can win ! If u want to chat more thats no problem at all. Regards :)
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  • Sorry about your pain. My biggest love had a penis less than the size of my little finger (or half). He passed away and it's not his penis, or lack of, that I miss...it's the man and how amazinigly happy I was to be with him. You sound like you are not in the USA but there are new preventative medicine doctors who make up hormonal/glandular formulas and maybe it could stimulate you. Perhaps, too, that you have an obstruction of some sort that could show up in a ultrasound. Maybe some surgery, combined with hormone balancing would help the situation. Good ridance to bad baggage and your shallow ex wife. Maybe you'll find a lady like me one day who will love you for who you are and not your body parts. In the meantime, try to take up some hobbies and self improvement classes like painting or anything so that you have something to offer instead of your beating up on your childhood hormones. Try to look under the surface and trace your life's mission. What do you want to do with the rest of your life?
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