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  • October 22, 2009
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I had the epididimitis problem about 3 weeks to 4 weeks ago. Not sexually related. Since then I've had here and there tiny aches around the whole lower groin section. I've had a lot of check-ups and an ultra sound and they've all said that I'm healed. The ultrasound was two days ago and I'm wondering how long I should wait to return to sexual activity and the whole ejaculation thing...I don't want to have to feel pain after I do it, like I've heard of...

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  • HiI really sympathize. I've had this myself and it was agony. To make matters worse it confused me very badly and made me panic as I'd also had a testicular torsion (twisted testicle) when I was at school which had emergency surgery. I was scared stiff of surgery again and at the time unregistered with a doctor!It's cleared up with anti biotics. I had this treatment but like yourself my pain continued and so i was put on an extended course. The pain still continued but no more anti-biotics were prescribed. I think it was about 3 months before the pain really subsided. My sex life did take a very drastic hit and even now I am still suffering the odd mild pain sometimes. It's not a nice condition at all and most doctors will tell you its not sexually transmittable. It can however be caused by a partner who has had chlamydia or one or two other things so if you've been sexually active recently with someone whos past you're unsure of, you might be wise to get some tests done to be on the safe side.The physical symptoms are basically pain (a lot of it) down below which is caused by the blood vessels swelling up. Depending on how quickly its treated it can return to normal or in my case remain permanently damaged (hence my pain sometimes). If you have the latter the doctors are able to operate and remove the affected tissue but there is apparently a risk of becoming infertile and for this reason alone they prefer not to operate which can leave you suffering in pain.It's not a nice condition at all. It does get better eventually but I'm pretty sure you'll still get the odd aches and pains every now and again but rest assured they're NOTHING like the initial screaming agony you were probably in to start with.Also if you experience any other pain in your personal area please don't hesitate to have it checked out since testicular torsion (as mentioned above) has a very similar pain sensation and requires emergency surgery in order to stop the testicle from dying. The pain is very similar but probably more excruciating if I'm honest as you can barely move.
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