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Bacterial prostatitis and GOOD BACTERIA

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 6, 2006
  • 02:37 PM

I've stumbled on a discovery that may help many suffering similar symtoms to my own..

I had been diagnosed with Prostatitis by my GP,...He was never very specific as to what it was, and only through later research did i discover that there are many forms of prostatitis...

my symptoms mainly revolved around an uncomfortable feeling of needing to pass small amounts of urine...at night i would visit the toilet 7 or 8 times just to pass a trickle...as well my penis would leak, adding to the anxiety of the whole thing...I had no intense pain in the prostate that many suffer from, which led my Gp to believe it was bacterial in nature.

I had the urine test for bacteria and it came up clean, however my doctor gave me an antibiotic which gave almost imediate relief ...the theory given was that the antibiotic has an anti-inflamatory effect on the prostate..

sure enough in a couple of months time the symptoms re-emerged and the doctor's response was to hit it with longer and stronger doses...it was getting to the point where i was relying on antibiotics every three months...

During a symtom free period, I chose to see a naturopath for a different take on my condition and she worked on the principal that unexplaiend inflamation is the result of an over-reactive immune system...I made changes to my diet cutting out all processed suggars, and suturated fats, as well as going on a course of complete vitamins...After a month or so i started to notice some general health benefits ...however my prostated symptoms did eventually begin to trickle back into the equation...

I was about to go on Holiday into the Outback of Australia, and i felt that i had no option but to take another course of anti-biotics, otherwise my prostatitis would consume the whole experience ...this time however the drugs seemed to offer me mixed results, the constant trickling was kept at bay, but my frequency of toilet visits were well up....i'd pass reasonalbe amouts but it was like my body couldnt hold onto its fluids, i wanted to piss every two hours...The first few days of my Holiday were pretty ordinary and on about day four i started to get constipated...

i was passing a watery stool which would leave me with a burning sensation and a feeling that there was more to come and yet nothing came. i would be on the toilet for up to half an hour . During this, my feeling of needing to pee was also agravating me...and this is when i started to take more notice of the correlation between my instestines and my urinary tract!!!

I had always known that pressure in the bowels had an effect on urination. They seem to take turns, and i mostly always have to wait to pass the last of my solids before i can drain my bladder...But during my constapation, this process was heavily magnified ....i became saddled with two conflicting and agravating problems ...the unsettling need to empty my bowels, yet couldnt - coupled with the horrible need to pass small amounts of urine..

I sat on the toilet for a long time with no victory in sight and eventually was forced to get on with the rest of my day ... the sensations i was feeling were all consuming...i felt that if i could find a salution to my intestinal trouble it might take some pressure of my bladder ...

thats when i went to a health food store and purchased a bottle of capsules from the fridge section. the Brand was called Inner Health Plus- they are filled with strains of bacteria that are meant to be good for you...

The effect was nothing short of a mirracle ...litterally within 30 minutes i started to feel great ...the urgency in my rectum vanished and after draining my bladder the problems of urination all but dissapeared as well...The bottle reccomended that you take one capsule per day but i was taking one in the morning and one night just to be on the safe side...The rest of my holiday was problem free...

I am now led to the conclusion that my problem was of a bacterial nature...and that somehow the bacteria in the intestine was effecting the prostate and the urinary track as well ...So supplimenting with good bacteria was helping to keep the nasty bugs at bay ...

I think my diet change and vitamin intake has also been helpful...eating foods that unhealthy bacteria thrive on is not doing you any favors ...I've stayed on the bacteria suppliment and it has continued to give me relief ...my naturopath thinks i may have to take them for a long while unitl my intestinal health finds equalibriam.

I recently started to use a different brand of capsule, called Pro-biotics, it has more strains of bacteria but less of each...i thought this was a better option and a cheaper one ...However, my constipation does tend to come back every so often, bringing with it the prostatis.... I noticed that i had to take up to four tablets in a day to get on top of it...Infact today i was feeling really crappy and instead of taking four tablets i went back to my health food shop and baught the original brand of capsule...i swallowed one of each brand of capsule and within an hour i'm feeling great...

If anyone feels they might have a similar symtoms to me...i reccomend you buy at least two different brands as they will have different amounts and strains of bacteria and take them both at the same time ...I'm very interested to find out if anyone else can gain relief using what i've discoverd ...

please comment

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  • Hi, For years my husband has suffered symptoms of prostatitis. For years doctors and specialists have been trying to find out what is wrong. And... after 2 GPs and 6 specialists they have finally worked out that they think it is from a viral infection. This may be (or probably is) different from your situation. But I have something interesting to say about Inner Health Plus. My husband's prostatitis causes him to have almost no sperm whatsoever in his ejaculate - I am talking about 20 or less sperm per ejaculate. However, when he takes Inner Health Plus, he can get counts of around 8 million per mL (20 million total). It is still below normal, but it is an amazing increase!! So, to anyone else out there whose prostatitis may be causing infertility or sperm problems and your doctors can't understand what is going on, I suggest giving Inner Health Plus a shot! :)
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    • January 31, 2007
    • 07:51 PM
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