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any doctors or dermatoligists help me?

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  • Posted By: sooonerorlater
  • October 27, 2010
  • 01:07 PM

Hi, I am a 26 year old male who has had many sexual encounters. Most have been safe but some went unprotected. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with folliculitis which is a skin or bacterial infection in which I have boils occuring mainly on my **m but also anywhere on the body.

2 and a half months ago i had unprotected sex with a one night stand and about 3 months ago I had a similar encounter. Following my random encounters, I met a girl to which i wished to pursue a relationship with. I went through the proper screening for stds before i had unprotected sex with her. All tests came up negative.

Upon being diagnosed with folliculitis I was unaware after treatment that it should have went away completely in which it never did and I have been getting boils ever since. Following my std check i pursued my current gf and about 2 weeks after, I started having unprotected sex with her.

5 days ago, right after a long night of sex with her, I went pee and felt a very sharp pain when urinating. I also noticed my lymph glans swollen and about 2 days later also noticed some swelling in some muscles under my chin at the top of my throat.

About 1 or 2 days after i noticed this, i also noticed 2 red marks on the bottom of my shaft and 2 red marks on my scrotum, or the sack. These sores do not give me pain, they are not in a bunch rather spread about a half an inch apart. These marks are red burn like holes in the skin,exept one of them was boil like in that it enlarged before i popped it. It started off with a scab like look to the tip which made it dark, but are now white inside.
now its similar to the other sores in which they have a white interior. These sores puss but not very much, and when using peroxide on them they burn and it seems to be killing the bacteria. These sores do not go very deep maybe or two layers of skin, and have darker blood on the outsides of the wound which looks like broken blood vessels under the skin. They seem similar to boils in that they puss, but I am not too sure about this. They are about the size of a pen tip
Also around the same time these sores appeared, i got a boil on my face which started off like a zit. It is directly under my mouth on my chin, and this boil bursted under the skin which gave me a similar kind of look to the marks on my penis...as the boil has a small center of a whole and a large patch of darker blood surrounding it.

I went to the doctor and am currently waiting for results as he swabbed my penile sores and tested me for chlamydia, syphillis and ghonnerea. He explained that the sores on my penis may be different then the boil on my face and that we had to go through the procedure in order to find out...

I did some research online and looked at std pictures and have narrowed it down to either syphillis, herpes 2 or a staph infection. I was prescribed 100mg of doxycycline, and take them 2 times a day. On my second day, the pain when urinating stopped but my glans are still swollen. I do not have a discharge of any kind, blood in my urine nor is there pain upon ejaculation.

My questions are as follows....
Can a staph infection attack the penis area, cause a uti, and or cause multiple boils on my penis...could they be boils?
Does herpes 2 virus usually group in one area, and does it form a pimple like structure or a burn?
What does this most likely sound like to you?
Should I be treating these marks with peroxide or any other type of cream?

Thank you very much and feel free to ask any questions back in case you need some answers from me in order to get a better perception of my issue

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