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23 year old erection problems

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  • Posted By: watson1
  • June 7, 2009
  • 04:08 PM

I am 23 years old and have not, until recently, begun having some trouble with my sex life. I started a relationship a few months ago and the first time we were intimate I had no trouble during oral or foreplay. However, when we began I lost hardness and could not get it back.

I had previously had no trouble remaining hard during masturbation, however after this episode I have been on and off with my ability to achieve and maintain during masturbation, and sometimes can have a difficult time. For example I may be able to begin, but any break or hesitation results in almost immediate loss of erection.

I am beginning to grow concerned because in addition to all this my desire to engage in sex has almost disappeared. When I am with my girlfriend, I find myself not in the mood to begin having sex or doing anything, and the prospect does not arouse me as it once did.

My question is has anyone else gone through as similar loss of arousal and interest accompanied by fickle erection abilities? and if so, what might be the cause and solution?

thanks to anyone with insight

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  • watson1, Im experiencing the same problem as you. i have a gorgeous girlfriend that enjoys having sex. foreplay i can get it up no problem. However once i decide to have sex i move from foreplay to w/e position im doing, just moving and not having her touch my penis causes me to lose it. its frustrating as ***l and is killing my relationship. ive had the problem for a month now, im only 20 and ive noticed that my libido has gone down and when i masturbate its either difficult or unsatisfying. I got a bunch of information from username: Freddd.......i saw a urologist today and he told me that the one thing that tells me nothing is physically wrong with me is the fact that i can masturbate. he also told me that getting morning wood was a good sign. so i really dont have a solution to the problem. But i can tell you what has helped me, i take a lot of b12 so i can keep up my energy, vitamin c, fish oil, and folate . the vitamins hlped me feel better but didnt fix the problem completely. my plan is to exercise more so my heart rate isnt racing as fast during sex, im going to try and stop smoking weed, and drink wine before i try having sex. good luck man
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  • watson1, i hear your pain man. im 20 years old and have the exact same problem. ive been working on it for a month now and i have done a lot of research. username: Freddd posted some interesting replies to a thread that i posted so u might want to look at that. the case may be different for you but for me i have performance anxiety. i have a sexy girlfriend who is hornier than the average girl. I havent exactly been having a lot of sex so im nervous in bed. i saw a urologist today and he told me if i can masturbate i dont have ed. i too have noticed a lower libido since ive had problems keeping it erect. in my case, i get it hard in foreplay but once i move a little bit to start having sex i lose it, and sometimes even when im in her. my advice is to take b12 and other vitamins and exercise. they have helped me a lot, i think the vitamins give me energy and working out helps me control my heart rate so i dont get so anxious in bed. since im still having the problem im going to try drinking wine before sex, look for some over the counter meds, stop smoking weed (or slow down), and maybe even get back on zoloft. good luck buddy i hope this helps,Redbull88
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  • sry about the dual reply i didnt think the first response had gone through
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  • It's actually not that usual even when you're younger. And once you have the problem, the more likely it is to happen again due to anxiety. For me, it was putting on a condom that trigger it. Sort of the commitment that we were going to have sex I think. I got over the problem through a combination of things including relaxation therapy. It's all about getting your confidence back and being able to stay in the moment and not get distracted by thoughts of failure (assuming it's not a medical issue of course).
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