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worried about 19 month old

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  • Posted By: taylorsma
  • May 11, 2009
  • 01:27 AM

I just need honest opinons please...In January I brought the baby to the docotrs due to a swollen lymp in his groin. They put him on a antibiotic and we went back a few weeks later and they were on both sides, so they put him on stonger antibiotics. Its now May and we went to see a surgeon because they are still there are large. The surgeon said they are in his neck too. Last Thrusday he had a biospy done and all the surgeon said was it was the size of a grape...hes only 19 months old and today(Sunday) I had to bring him up to the hospital because his wound is infected badly. I was googeling it....i know bad! But I came across something that said if a person has blood cancers they are more likely to get an infection with surgery. Im going crazy waiting for the results, they did do some blood work and his white blood cell count is high. I know I need to wait but I need someone to tell me if they think it is or is not lymphoma!!!

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  • Relax ... let go and let God. There are many things it could be besides lymphoma; yes, scary symptoms for one so young to have ... try not to worry YOUrself SICK. Your baby needs you, so reserve your energy; keep your mind busy ... I lift your child in my many prayers! Hang in there!! I'm going through exactly the same, only it's about me; bad enough, but my child?! I assure you, I understand (I have two children). Again, do your best to keep your mind busy; the wait is excruciating, I know, however ... you are unintentionally wasting energy that you and your baby need ... regardless of the outcome. One of my children nearly passed at age 3, so I do know what your going through; he was hospitalized for a week. Many (((( HUGS )))) ... and God's blessings to you and yours. Please post back when you get the results. It is in God's hands now and I've heard it said many times, "Child, I am trying to help you and your loved ones, how can I help when you will not get out of the way??" If you sincerely ask Him to help you cope during the wait ... He will! Maybe it would help if you wrote your worries on a piece of paper and place them in a box ... this would be a physical gesture of giving the entire situation to God. Make a "God Box." You write down all of your concerns, put them in that box, thank God for taking care of it ... and move on by doing your part, actually letting Him have it and just doing what's in front of you. Making that box would be a good project for you to start, it will occupy your mind; make it however you wish, decorate it ... anything goes. Perhaps read some scripture if it's been awhile; Psalms are very good for times like these. I've had to do that quite often!! Most importantly, have faith; no matter what happens, everything will be okay ... it's all in His hands. Lastly, (and most importantly) thank Him for everything you DO HAVE. You have food? Roof over your head? Utilities on? Clothing to wear? Then look around at all you have, furnishings ... some nice things, etc. Thank Him for everything you have, down to the tiniest of necessities; make a gratitude list if you have to (that helps a lot when I'm in a tailspin and can't come out of it), and praise Him! Don't take your Lord for granted. Sorry if this sounds "preachy," I don't know the beliefs of my audience; however, I am a devout Christian and HE HAS saved me! I just want to know, just like you ... what, when, how? Being the feeble human beings we all are, we all want to know, He knows that ... and He has made applicable provisions. It is up to us to "pick up the tools," read the "how-to instruction manual (Bible)" ... and use those tools; Thy Will, not my will, be done.
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  • Again, remember ... lymph nodes can swell for SO MANY reasons. Try not to worry ... keep the faith! ;)
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