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throbbing lymph node

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  • Posted By: alex_k
  • January 29, 2009
  • 10:03 PM

Hi guys,

I've been concerned about a lymph node that has been on the right side of my neck for about 9 months now. The size hasn't changed at all and what concerns me is that the node has a throbbing pain every so often. It comes and goes every week or two and usually lasts for about a day. Its like a shooting pain that gradually comes in for a second or two and then fades away and It'll come back every 10-20 mins.

I've done a needle biopsy twice and both times have come back showing normal cell growth, which i guess means its not malignant. I've also done a chest x-ray which passed (not sure what that meant), a CT scan and an MRI which both confirmed its a lymph node. I believe the exact term that was used was lymphoid infiltrate. At the moment, my doctor said to just keep an eye on it and to contact him if it grows any bigger or becomes more painful. I'm suppose to see him again in 2 months for a checkup.

Any idea what this could be? Could it be an early sign of lymphoma or something related to it? Another thing which might be related is that i contracted shingles a couple months ago which was supposedly rare at my age (im 23 years old), so that kinda freaked me out. Aside from that, i feel pretty healthy and i don't have any other symntoms which might suggest lymphoma.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I've had the same thing for quite some time now, as well as pains in my underarms and groin. My doctor sent me for CT scan and I'm waiting for the results at the moment.With looking into this it seems that the most common cause of a swelling in the lymph node is due to infection. As you have said you developed shingles then it's probably due to that infection. My mum had shingles several years ago and still gets pain in the affected area, so I think the infection can stay around in your body for a long time.One of the main things that websites seem to say is to exercise to get the lymph moving around your body. Stuff like just jumping on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes is enough if you're too tired for proper exercise. I've also been reading about the benefits of using castor oil with a warm compress which helps the lymph flow - I've not tried this yet but apparently the results are quick and effective. Hope this helps. I'm sure you'll get better soon. Allison
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  • Thanks for the advice Alison. I have been pretty unactive recently, so perhaps getting some excercise would be helpful. As of right now, not much has changed. The pain seems to be getting less frequent, but its still comes and goes. I've tried not to pay too much attention to it as i find it it helps with the pain.
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  • Just a bit of an update. Its been quite some time since my last post and i just wanted to give an update on my situation. Ive noticed that the pain in my lymph node has subsided quite considerably and I hardly ever notice it being painful (just once in a while it acts up). The size hasn't changed at all dispite using caster oil packs and incorporating exercise into my daily routines. I feel quite good these days actually. I don't really think about it too much and I hardly notice any negative symtoms. I will be seeing my specialist next month for a checkup and there was mention of doing another MRI to make sure everything is ok. Last time i saw him, he told me that I was probably an irregular case, as he's come across a few in his practice. Its not exactly normal to have an enlarged lymph node for so long without there being some sort of problem. But from all the tests, scans and biopsies, its looks like there's nothing serious going on. I'm crossing my fingers that this is the case!For all of you who are going through similar situations, All I can say is don't give up hope and always be optimistic. There's countless reasons why we may be going through certain symtoms, so we shouldn't always conclude that's its the worst. Try not to worry about it to so much, as it will make you miserable and depressed (trust me, i've been there). Wish you guys all the best of luck!
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