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2 cm Jugular lymph node

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 9, 2007
  • 11:57 PM

Had CT and was told I have a 2 cm enlarged lymph node at level II according to the CT. Was told that I should have it biopsied. Is this necessary ? Could it be cancer. CBC was normal, Node causes no pain at all. No symtoms of sore throat or any thing like that. Any one have the same thing? Should I be concerned or worry?

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  • See if they can aspirate it...I have a 2 cm enlarged lymph a behind my ear on my neck. The doc wanted me to get it aspirated, but said it wasn't serious. I still haven't done it. The surgeon didn't want to. Is your lymph obviously getting bigger, quickly? If so there is reason to suspect cancer, apparently. Good luck. Aspiration is a doctor office visit. Biopsy is a little more intensive.
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  • Actually I really found it by accident I really didn't know it was there. Go for Biopsy this Wed. I guess I will see what it is caused from. I just was very scared.
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  • Had biopsy nd it was determined to be reactive (benign) I guess. Was told that info was to be included into a case study(Why?) I was so confused that I couldn't think of what to ask the Doc. He told me be happy that it is benign but I am still worried. He then asked if I had other enlarged nodes. I get them but they come and go. Afraid to ask Doc he wants to see me in 6 weeks and said maybe the biopsy was contaminated. This doesn't make me feel to secure. Can a reactive node become malignant? Is it possible that It is too early to tell. I get so tired so easily but cbc is normal. Can anyone shed some light
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  • I had the same experience back in 1979. My ent thought it was cancerous and was so sure they made a mistake reading it when they said it was benign that he had it sent to a seperate lab than the first one.Mine is "atypical follicular lymphoid hyperplasia". Mine measured 4 x 6 cm.mine came on suddenly and didn't go away till he took it out.it is now 2007 and it's back again. same spot and does the same exact thing it did then. it comes and goes on certain days but is always there.you can see it when I move my neck.the days it gets huge are the days I feel flu like and yucky feeling. weak, tired and pale.I can hardly walk up hills and I lost alot of weight, unexplained weight two years ago, so I had it checked out by my breast surgeon and he said it's nothing to worry about. they don't want to touch it because it's on the jugular. I had a chain of them enlarged.they dont' know till this day why I have it.they sent me for a follow up to a disease specialtist back in 1979 after the surgery and he did an aides test which came out negative and I never went back.I never bothered to ask if it would come back again. the ent who did the surgery back then doesnt' have my file anymore. he destroys the charts after a certain amount of time and he didn't remember me.I still worry about this darn lymph node. especially that it came back and that it gets really big on certain days.I already tested positive to have been in contact with toxoplasma.I had two cats years ago and must have contracted it before pregnancy because when I was pregnant they tested me for it and said I'd already had it, so that wasn't the cause of my enlarged lymph node.feel free to call your dr back to get more imformation. that's what he's there for and that's what he's payed for. It is your body and have all the right in the world to be concerned.after all, no one wants to wind up having a cancerous node in their body.anyone would fear it.there's a particular site for people who have lymphomas and the stories I read about mis diagnosises and how they had a feeling something was wrong and they were right blew my mind.always get a second opinion on the biopsy. you can still contact the lab you had it done and have it sent to a hospital that's trained in lymphoma's.Its all up to the drs who read the biospies. they are trained and it's very difficult to read all the cells. there are so many subtypes of lymphomas and it takes skill to read them.we don't thank our teams of people called patholgoists who are doing the research in the labs who find and look at the biopsies every day.it's easy to get them confused with malignant ones and malignant ones can sometimes look benign. they have another specific test they do, some type of staining process to see certain cells.they did that along with the regular reading of the biopsy and they were absolutly sure they didn't see malignant cells. but I still am worried.I guess it's common. our minds can make us feel sick too if we feel there may be something wrong.did you ever feel something was wrong with you and you were so sure of it and then you got tested and there was nothing wrong?that has happened to me. they say that new medical students get this type of syndrome when they're studying about all the different diseases. they feel the symtoms of what they're reading.it's amazing what our minds can do to us.maybe I am sick, I feel like it at times. but no one wants to do the biopsy. so I say to myself, I will forget about it and I do for a time, until the day comes and I dont feel well that day and I touch my node and it's huge again. I wish you well and hope that you are able to get your speciman sent to another lab. you can speak to your dr to find out if he already did it.sincerely,Linda
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  • zswgsThank you Linda . I will see if I van get a second opinion
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  • what happened? did you do any research on getting the biopsy sent to a different lab? did you look into any hospitals that specialize in lymphoma's?you can have the specimen that's put in parrafin wax sent anywhere in the states. it lasts forever in the way they preserve it.you just have to pay for the shipping and for the testing of course. it can be a little pricey if your insurance won't cover the 2nd opinion. most do pay for 2nd opinons though.let me know your outcome.good luck.L
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    • September 18, 2007
    • 11:24 AM
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