Symptoms of Lupus confusing

Symptoms of Lupus confusing

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  • Posted By: amgaskins
  • March 23, 2007
  • 07:35 PM

I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus after being followed by my Rhuematologist for one year - many discussions and testing. I am 43 and females.
Is anyone's symptoms connected with their monthly cycle? Does anyone suffer from memory problems - short term and dizziness. Alot of weird symptoms keep cropping up and I find it hard to believe that they are all related to the Lupus - but probably are..


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  • Lupus is very difficult to diagnosis and it symptoms are different for every patient. Symptoms can be related to the diease process itself or related to the damage to the organs from Lupus. It is not unusual to for lupus to take years for diagnosis. I was 15yrs of being told I was crazy, before I finally had my diagnosis. I am one of the 5% of Lupus patients that have a (-)Ana. So mine was extremely hard to diagnosis. My monthly discomfort was more associated with that time and not with Lupus, but Lupus just seems to make it feel worse. I have had always had migraine headaches, especially with that time of the month...but suddenly they changed and added unexplained dizziness and problems with memory. My Rheumatologist order an MRI and found a Lesion. Since it was not practical to biopsy it, he assumed it was Lupus related. With steroids the lesion did shrink but is not gone. Lupus can be associated with various syndromes such as sjorgen's and Raynauld's which have a set of symptoms all their own. I had atypical chest pain. EKG and treadmill was normal...but I continued to get Short of breath and having the pain and the doctors thought I was a hypocondriac. (Lupus wasn't diagnosied yet.) Since I continued to complain of "arthritic and muscle" pain, he finally referred me to a Rheumatologist. He confirmed I had rhematoid arthritis. But nothing else.Then I got sick...real sick. Had the flu for over a week. Before I could go back to work, my employer made me go the company doctor. Best thing I ever did. Apparently my flu was not the flu. I was in a full blown flare of Lupus. The doctor asked me questions that the other doctors never asked me including the rheumatologist. Like, do I get unexplained sores in my mouth and how long did I have the redness on my nose and cheeks? Do I seem to be getting sick a lot. He drew a whole kit-n-koboddle of tests. Some were borderline, others like my sed rate was high and for the first time my ANA was positive. He referred me to a new Rheumatologist that did confirm I had fibromylagia (common with lupus) and he drew his own blood work. Between the time of the company doctor and him, my ANA reverted to neg. But my sed rate is still elevated. He told me my other blood work indicated an autoimmune diease and with the symptoms of the rash and others, it fell into a catagory of lupus. After 8yrs..I find that I have secondary pulmonary hypertension related to the lupus. So to narrow it down, there is no one blood test to confirm Lupus, but an accumulation of symptoms that seem to come and go without reason.One common thing with Lupus is photosensitivity. I get physically sick along with increased redness(not sunburn but a rashy type redness) when I am out in the sun. Other common indicators is kidney diease (which thankfully I don't have), pleurisy, hairloss( I don't have that one either), blood clots in the legs or easy bruising. Lupus is very individual to each person. That is why it is so hard to diagnosis.Sounds like your Rheumatologist did the correct thing in gathering data and compiling blood work before making a diagnosis. Read up on it on the National or your area's local Arthritis foundation or Lupus foundation.
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