Positive ANA- what does this mean?

Positive ANA- what does this mean?

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  • November 27, 2007
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Hello- I have been feeling quite poorly for a few years now, and my doctor has started testing me due to some particular symptoms that I have been presenting with. I am 33 years old, and a workaholic. I am in Grad school and I work 45 hours a week, and I have four kids with my husband. I hate slowing down, but I am so tired all the time that when I get home I sleep like there is no tomorrow, and it is harder and harder to wake up. Three years ago I had my first seizure. My EEG was abnormal, but they have been normal since I am on meds. I have had cluster headaches for many years now, at least ten to 15, and they come in cycles, daily for about a month or so every 18 mos, but they have been coming more often. My head is really heavy when I have them and it is harder to see. I have had a lot of problems with numbness and "prickers" in my hands, arms, legs and hips, even my face sometimes. They are always cold no matter how warm or cold it is in the house or outside- (makes my husband mad! :) ) I can't eat a lot because I always feel sick. I have dropped 35 pounds in ten months, and I am at 114 pounds now. It is driving me nuts- I am a professional clinician and I can't get control over my own body! I feel like I am going to fall over sometimes, and sometimes I feel like my body has control of me- dizziness, rashy-pimply-like stuff... and I never had acne as a kid!!! And this is even under my hair at times! If there is anyone who has ANY idea about any of this, please, please give me some clues because I am overwhelmed at the moment and sick of this. I have had a positive ANA test, and some other slightly odd blood work, but nothing major yet. I have also been told that I have "large ventricles" in my brain, which apparently indicates why I have increased crainial pressure and added problems with cerebrospinal fluid, at least per my neurologist and neurosurgeon. :)

Thanks again,

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  • Hi,I haven't posted till now cause I'm also new to this forum and kind of waited for some kind of professional reply myself. Since none has come, let me share my concerns with you:your fatigue and weight-loss seem to be pretty serious, have you seen a doctor with it? If not, I think you should be. Also, the worsening of your headaches... I'm sorry you're having them, must be really awful. Have you any pain meds that help?About the prickers and the numbness; don't your fingers turn red/blue/white with pain in cold? It could be Raynauds phenomenon, and could explain why you've chosen to post in this topic. :)What kind of rashes do you have? Any on your face, chest, or back?I wish you to be OK,anna
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    • December 3, 2007
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  • Thanks for your reply! Yes, since I posted initially, I went to a rheumatologist, and the doctor believes I may have Lupus. They are waiting for some additional bloodwork to come back, but the diagnosis is pretty good possibility, I guess. I was given a diagnosis of Raynaud's? sp? after exposing my hand and feet to different temps in the office, such as blocks of ice-stuff. Since I had three miscarriages, I guess that weighs in, too. Thanks!
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    • December 7, 2007
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  • Sounds like Lupus Cerebritis to me. I have had lupus for years now and am currently having a flare with Lupus Cerebtitis myself and those are the symptoms. Prednisone and Imuran have been exceedingly helpful. In addition I have the Raynauds -- very cold fingers which is very responsive to Norvasc ( a blood pressure med). I too am a clinician and this can be very frustrating. I understand how you are feeling. This is a very intriguing disease.
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