Ongoing list of symptoms - Lupus???

Ongoing list of symptoms - Lupus???

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  • Posted By: aldarosa
  • March 24, 2008
  • 06:43 AM

I am a 46 year old female. For most of my life I have been very healthy. However, in the past two years I seem to be developing one problem after another.

The last one are symptoms for rheumatoid arthritis that develop in the last 2 weeks, but I have become quite suspicious of lupus. I have a referral for a rheumatologist to do further tests, but so far this is the story:


Helium Pylori bacterium (stomach infection) (2 years ago)
Migraines and tension headaches (over the past 10 years)
Protein in the urine (several times in the last 2 years)
Hematuria in the urine (several times in the last 2 years)
White blood cells in urine (several times in the last 2 years)
Investigated for bladder infections, kidney tuberculosis, etc – all negative
Pleurisy (1 year ago)
Misdiagnosed with syphilis 20 years ago (false positive?) - 2nd test came negative.
Ear infections (Otitis Media – several times in last 2 years)
Body rash on back and neck (changed from red to brown and remains after 1 year). No butterfly rash.
Allergic to sulphur based medications and Bactrim
Developed lactose intolerance 8 months ago and sensitivity to yeast based foods – gradually disappeared but are returning again
Muscular pain (last 6 months on and off)
Depression (prescribed antidepressants 1 year ago and received psychotherapy)
Thrush / Candidiasis (three times in last 2 years)
Severe joint pain (last 2 weeks)
Swelling of hands and feet (last 2 weeks)
Rheumatoid Factor 21 IU/ml (0-14) - (1 week ago)
C-Reactive Protein 5.2 mg/l (0.0-0.5) - (1 week ago)
Antinuclear Ab (ANA) – Detected, Titre 320, Homogeneous - (1 week ago)
So far I haven' got a diagnosis. Based on your own experiences what do you think?

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  • I'm not a doctor or anything so whatever I write could be totally off, but:first things first, are you on any medication?Have you been, for a longer period of time?As you may know, quite a wide range of meds can cause lupus-like symptoms.The ANA titers are very useful in detecting lupus in most of the cases, but there are a number of exceptions. For example I can see why a doctor wouldn't think of it as a hard and fast thing in your case, due to the fact that ANA titers can be elevated after a given age.You should also be aware of how rare it is for lupus to appear in your age.Please understand that it is not my intention to hurt you, I am just trying to help.So I wouldn't say lupus, but again, I'm not a doctor.I hope you will find out what it is, and I wish you tu get better.anna
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