maybe lupus?

maybe lupus?

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  • March 6, 2007
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Could this be lupus?

Sorry it's a long list... please bear with me . I'm 21. Been to ***l and back. And just want to know if I should look into this more or not.
Does this lupus thing sound plausable?

*Joint pain particularly in hands and wrists, fingers get locked in 'spasm' (wear finger braces on several fingers to prevent this)
*legs sometimes lock without warning making walking painful
*Protein in the urine - 3 seperate occassions in 3 seperate samples but no further investigation done
*Seizures - had been put down to epilepsy but epileptic drugs aren't working (have tried 6 so far)
*Hair loss from scalp and severe sensitivity to hair products (can't be 'blond' anymore) - had been put down to drug side effect in the past - but to all 6 drugs?
*Sensitivity to sun / burn easy but no 'rash' flakey skin around eye/brow/hair area (always wear a caftan hat and sunnies to swim etc)
*Depression and depressive episodes
*Cold extremities particularly if after a seizure or stressed/ tired
*Sharp pains through head and above eyes - migraines
*Concentration troubles
*Neck and back pain - constant, etreme abdo and intermitant kidney pain.
Catch colds etc like they're cricket balls!!!

I've only been diagnosed epileptic since late 2005 so even if it is epilepsy i don't see how the symptoms ie concentration troubles or kidney pain can be related to long term drug use or prolonged illness or anything.
Surely I've been diagnosed wrong???

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