Is it lupus?

Is it lupus?

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  • Posted By: Jessica123
  • May 31, 2009
  • 04:28 PM

I'm 19, and I recently found out that I might have lupus. I went to the gastrointrologist at my local children's hospital for heartburn and constipation this past Friday. The doctor evaluated me, and she suspected that I might have lupus. She wanted me to do some bloodwork, but I haven't done it yet, but will tomorrow. I'm very worried.

For the past 2-3 years I've been sick every 2-3 months for a week or two, but in the meantime I feel fine.

My face turns red when I have an episode, around my nose, and cheeks. It's like the classic "butterfly" rash.

I also get rashes on my chest and neck.

I get joint pain during these episodes. It's worse in the morning. I feel stiff and have trouble getting ready. My ankles and wrists especially hurt.

I become extremely tired.
I get these mild fevers of about 99-100 degrees.

I get severe heartburn and constipation, but sometimes diarrhea.

I've lost weight without trying and sometimes have no appetite. I've also been depressed.

I've come in to my regular doctor with stomach pains, and they make me do a urinalysis. A couple of times I've had protein in my urine, but I have no other symptoms of kidney/bladder problems. (no burning.)

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  • Your symptoms do suggest something like Lupus is going on....but you will need much more testing for a diagnosis. Begin with blood work, as soon as possible, and see what your docs have in mind for treatment. You should find and go to a Rheumatologist in your area with a good reputation. Lupus is difficult to diagnose and treat. I was recently given a lupus diagnosis (SLE) along with secondary Sjorgen's, Reynaud's and Fibromyalgia. I also had a severe Vitamin D deficiency, something you should get tested for as well. I've been placed on Plaquenil 200mg nightly and it is fine-- I don't seem to have any side effects, but the med can take months to begin working and I've only been on a month. Please do not be afraid....this diagnosis is not a death sentence. With adaptations, one can usually lead a 'normal' life. Stay away from the sun as much as you can-- it can trigger what's called a 'flare' (when your immune system goes haywire and you don't feel well). There are good message boards out there where you can get support from people who have the disorder. I like one called The Lupus Site the best, but there are many good ones. Until you get a diagnosis, it will only make things flare if you worry excessively. It really is going to be okay, there are lots of treatment options and Lupus can be maintained. Best of luck, I wish you well.
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