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  • August 18, 2011
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Hello Everyone. I would like to know if it's okay for a 44-year old man to undergo with liver detoxing? My uncle is an alcoholic person since his teenage time. My auntie were suggesting to undergo my uncle with liver detoxing to cleanse his liver. I've researched in Google yesterday, and I've found out a supplement for detoxing liver. The name of the supplement is MX Liver Detox. Has anyone used this before? According on what I've read, it will helps to clear out all of the debris in the liver by ensuring that toxins are leaving the body and not damaging/affecting the liver. I just need your opinion about this. If you know other treatment for liver detoxing, please shared it to me and i would suggested that to my uncle. Thanks in advance!

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  • One needs to be very careful about prescribing or advising supplements for others... If your uncle starts taking these pills and develops liver problems down the road from his drinking, he may blame the pills (and you!) for his problems, as doctors often tell patients the supplements they have been taking are dangerous, and sometimes they are right. Some herbs (including the ones in the supplement you are considering) have been used to help heal damaged livers, but little is known about what happens when you mix these with alcohol. Something to think about if your uncle is going to continue drinking. Many doctors have been looking into alcoholic liver disease and doing studies on various herbs and medicines for a long time and few have been able to show any effect in preventing the damage alcohol can do. One supplement that has shown promise preventing liver disease in studies with animals (baboons) given alcohol is Lecithin (also known as phosphatidylcholine), and you can get all the lecithin you need from eating eggs. Nuts also have a lot of lecithin. Google around on: lecithin and liver, and read all about it. If he's going to take a lecithin supplement, "deoiled" lecithin is best, as the soybean oil in lecithin gelcaps can go rancid once the bottle is opened and taking rancid lecithin is worse than taking nothing at all. Coffee has also been shown in numerous studies to be remarkably effective at reducing/preventing liver damage from alcohol. Google around on: Coffee and cirrhosis, and see for yourself. Researchers looking into this have found it may be a metabolite of caffeine called "Paraxanthine" that protects the liver so decaf coffee may not work. I'm not a doctor, but in my humble opinion, eggs and coffee for breakfast and perhaps some nuts with his evening tipple may do your uncle more good than the pills you are looking into. If he gets into trouble with his liver down the road, his doctor is also much less likely to tell him it was the pills he has been taking that may have damaged his liver too!
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    • August 19, 2011
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