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  • Posted By: debra desch
  • December 27, 2010
  • 03:37 AM

I married my husband 1 year ago. I knew he was an alcoholic when I married him, although, he drank....he didn't seem to drink more than 5 a night. Now, he drinks 20-24 oz of vodka daily.
I am feeling a whole flurry of emotions. I have spoke to him about the increase of his consumption...he denies that it has increased. He tells me that he can quit if he wanted to, but he needs to drink in order to sleep.

I do not want to argue and I do not want to control...I just don't know what to do. We moved to a new state 2.5 years ago so that he could go back to work. I am afraid that he is going to become sick and we live so far from home.

The symptoms I have been noticing is that: 1) he sleeps about 12 hrs a night now/ and naps during the day. 2)He doesn't seem to be able or want to do much but sit in his chair and drink his vodka. 3)His back on the right side hurts....4)he slurs alot when he speaks....5)has conversations and does not remember the next day. 6) His hands shake alot. 7)He says his enzymes are normal and he is prediabetic. 8) We no longer go anywhere besides the grocery store (that is doing something to him) 9) He stumbles/loses his balance quite often. 10) He has 3 bowel movements in the morning/all are very loose. 11) His interior ears itch all the time
I know that some of these symptoms seem like intoxication, but I think it goes beyond that. I am quite concerned and lost as to what to do. He says he will stop drinking when he knows that he has become ill from it.
I love this man; but, sometimes I just feel like leaving and going home before matters get worse. My other half says "for better or worse"
Can anyone tell me if these symptoms are precursors to liver damage/failure. Thank you very much

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  • Fibrosis and Cirrhosis of the liver is a death by a thousand cuts. Your liver is so large and durable you never even realize anything is wrong till around half of your liver is scarred over. The problem with alcoholic liver disease is, as your liver gets damaged with scar tissue, fibrosis accelerates! More scaring and less liver tissue means the tissue that is left gets damaged more easily, and by the time you realize you have a problem, you have a really big problem! At this stage of your life, alcohol may have become such a big part of who you are as a person, death often seems the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately death from liver failure is no walk in the park. I'll spare you the details here, but you can google cirrhosis, "end stage" if you want to know the story. There is a supplement he can take that will buy him some time... It's called PPC (polyenylphosphatidylcholine), brand names "PhosChol" and "HepatoPro" in the US, and "Essentiale Forte" in Europe. "Research by Charles Lieber, M.D., and colleagues at the Alcohol Research and Treatment Center, V.A. Medical Center, Bronx, N.Y. suggest PPC may protect the liver. In two studies, baboons were fed diets high in alcohol with or without added PPC for up to eight years. None of the supplemented animals developed liver fibrosis or cirrhosis, but about 80 percent of those not given PPC did. Test-tube studies also showed PPC increased the breakdown of collagen, which builds up in alcohol-induced fibrosis and cirrhosis". He should also be on daily Vitamin-B Complex and Vitamin-C to reduce the chance of brain damage from Thiamine deficiency. It is best to take low doses if these vitamins several times a day rather than one large dose once a day. You can't nag or beg someone into quitting drinking... Better to rationalize with him. If he can reduce his consumption to safe levels, he may be able to enjoy drinking some alcohol the rest of his life. If he keeps up at this rate, he'll soon be in serious trouble, and going dry for life will be his only option. Sometimes this kind of thinking can get drinkers to cut back. Good Luck & GodSpeed to you both.
    synesthesia 87 Replies
    • December 27, 2010
    • 05:33 PM
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  • It must be very heart wrenching to see someone you love compromise his own health. The only control you may have in this situation is with what YOU choose to do. Please find someone who can help you make those decisions. You said that you have moved away from home - you need support in order to deal with this. He tells you that he can quit if he wanted to, but he needs to drink in order to sleep - does this sound like someone who has intentions of quiting? Quiting also requires expert help (withdrawal from alcohol is quite severe). Your husband is having multiple symptoms that could be liver problems and also a very serious problem called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. He is not dealing with the root of the problem - alcoholism. I could go on and on about how the things you listed scream liver disease, Wernicke-Korsakoff and depression... try to get your husband help and most importantly take care of yourself!
    blueempress 28 Replies
    • December 27, 2010
    • 06:05 PM
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  • I forgot to mention, if he's not going to take supplements, there are some foods that will help his body metabolize alcohol more safely...Eggs, meat and nuts all contain a lot of "Cysteine", which helps the body break down a byproduct of alcohol metabolism (acetaldehyde) which causes most of the damage from drinking. Eggs for breakfast every day, and peanuts (or other nuts) in the evening when he drinks, will do him a world of good. He should also avoid taking anything with acetaminophen (aka tylenol / paracetamol), as mixing this pain med with alcohol greatly accelerates liver damage from alcohol.
    synesthesia 87 Replies
    • December 27, 2010
    • 06:10 PM
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  • Im so sorry for every thing every one is going through. Im going through the same thing and its hard. I lost my ma about 6 years ago and now im losing my dad at the age of 50. I have to keep my head up though and keep preying. My name is caitlyn im 16 and i know what every one is going through and i will prey for you. You have to stand tall and keep your head up just prey to God he will listen. I will be here for any one that needs to talk even if you need a sholder to lean on. Its very hard to lose a loved one but i think of it as there going to a better place where they dont have to be hungry, tierd, or in pain they are happy. I dont want my dad to go but when he does hes going to a better place where he dont have to be in pain. I know that he will alway be with me and if i ever want to talk to him or any of my loved ones i lost i could just look up and i know they hear me. I know this isnt any thing anyone wants to hear but it will be ok. I just wanted to let every one know a little about me and that im here for every one. Thank you so much im preying for every one.....
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 31, 2010
    • 11:05 PM
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  • Debra, I've been in your situation. You have to be your own first priority. I do understand for better or worse....but he is choosing to make your life worse. If the life you are living isn't something you would want for your children, even if they are grown, then you need to get out. Good luck and God bless you. Be strong and do what's right for YOU.
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  • Debra,I have been in the same situation that you are in now. I understand that you love him and that you vowed for better of worse but.....he's not allowed to make your life worse and your not required to sit back and watch him kill himself. That's what he's doing.It sounds like you have been isolated from your family due to the work situation and I understand that, but by sleeping so much and being intoxicated when he is awake, he has isolated you from your husband too. You need to take care of yourself, you need support and you need it to be close to people who care about you. What would you say to your child if they were in the same situation? I would guess that you would try to get them out of it and in to a more healthy enviornment. Love isn't supposed to hurt and you are hurting. Please make yourself the priority. Living in this situation with this kind of stress with little or no support is not healthy for you. Leaving this situation, a situation that you can not control is not letting him down, it's protecting yourself. You need to be with your family so they can be there for you.Best wishes and God Bless you.
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  • :confused:I'm new here, after reading this I see myself. I've been with my spouse for 25 years, we have been together since high school we are now 43. Recently he has lost all his body muscle, weight, won't eat, his belly looks like he is 7 months pregnant. He has the spider veins, the swollen feet, quit his job and drinks daily, hard liquor, vodka is his choice of drink. Straight up. I'm watching a man I love dearly just disapear in front of me. I've begged him to go to the doctor but he tells me he's gonna be ok. We lost our insurance when he quit his job 3 years ago and now he says we will loose eveything if he goes. I've told him I'm going to get his family involved (to this day I don't see how they don't see it) he avoids them as much as possible. He told me if I got them involved he would never speak to me again. I'm sad, angry, very scared, lonely and feel like I'm holding this dirty secret that noone knows. He tells me if he feels worse he will go. I know in my heart something bad is happening and I cannot bare the thought of living life without him. The bloating is very scary to see, he has loose stools sometimes with blood, he gets angry and tells me to "f" off when I beg him to go see someone. He rips up articles I pring out for him to read about this and just throws them in the air. Other days he will look at me and tell me how sorry he is for destroying himself and everything we have. We don't go anywhere or do anything anymore, I work barely making ends meat. I had to cash out all of our 401K's in order to pay things off but that just caused big trouble for me now he uses it against me. How do you help someone that won't help themselves? How do make them go and get help. I feel all alone like I have noone who understands. Everytime his mom calls I just want to open up and tell her everything but I feel like a trader to him if I do. I would rather him divorce me and never talk to me again as long as he lives. He wants to live but won't stop drinking. He says it will give him more problems if he just stops cold turkey. Granted he has cut back but just won't stop. I'm an enabler I think,,,,,I don't want to leave I want him to live. But how do I do that? He is sick and I'm scared to death. :( He can barely stand up most of the time. He got a new job about 2 weeks ago but had to quit this Monday due to this disease. He can't function. He would come home totally exhausted and his feet were all swelled. I got online and started looking up symptoms and whala cirhosis,,,I feel so stupid. I should have seen this coming years ago. I've begged him to go to rehab, to stop, to get help to be normal but he can't. I don't drink, this disease has been apart of my entire life. I grew up with alcoholics, my uncles would pass out and fall out of chairs. My grandparents would throw fruit at each other and would sit me at the table and ask me who I loved more my grandma or grandpa. I never thought I would marry someone with this disease. He is punishing himself everyday and I can't stop him. Please anyone I need someone to tell me what to do. Do I tell his family? Do I get them involved? I'm so scared I'm shaking typing this.
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