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Plica syndrome

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  • Posted By: takararose
  • February 24, 2009
  • 10:29 AM

I will try to make this as short as possible! In April of 2007, I started to have right knee pain but let it go until July when I sought medical help from an orthopedic surgeon. He tried injections, medications, and exercise to no avail. Then in March of 2008, he did an arthroscopy and found plica at the medial part of the right knee. So of course I was under the assumption that that was all there was to it. But it did not seem to get any better. We did the medication therapy again, and sent me to physical therapy to no avail again. So in December of 2008, I had another arthroscopy in which he cut cartilage along both sides of the knee in addition to dissecting plica again at the medial side of the knee. So now almost 3 months later I am still having the same symptoms (pain, sometimes so sharp I cannot function; pain while going up and down stairs, more so down the stairs, unable to squat, popping, and locking up at times) My surgeon has released me and said I am good to go. So here is my questions-----1)how often can plica return? 2) is there any cure that will last longer than 1 month? I am a nurse and am not ready to retire any time soon, and I am the sole supporter of my family. This has put a damper on my personal life as well, as there has been no sexual activity since this all began in April of 2007(yes you read that right, hurts way to much when laying down)....PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME:mad::confused::(

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  • I was wondering if you made any headway with this. Not real sure if I have the same problem. Mine started out of nowhere with a tiny little pop in my left knee. The next thing I knew was that is swelled to twice its size. The docs have said my ACL and meniscus are perfect. One offered to scope what he called "blistering" under my knee cap, and another said that there was no fix for me... Well, my right knee started swelling just after, no pop. I have some of the same issues as you. Hurts like crazy going down steps, probably from being swollen and having the added pressure. My left knee will lock when it is bent for too long, and it is like cracking the biggest knuckle in your body when straightening it. I am going to make an appointment with another knee guy this week to get them drained and a cortizone shot. I don't like the idea of having someone dig around my knee's to find out what they can see. Let me know if you have found out any info. Thanks.
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  • Wow....this just depressed me. I had a prior knee injury nearly 15 years ago. I guess my knee has always been kinda weak. Just the same at work a week ago i was lifting on a tray of dishes at the nursing home i work in and POP! Out of no where my knee pops. I did not feel i was lifting or pulling in anyway that would injure myself. It does not really bother me unless i am on stairs or on my feet for several hours. It feels tight, and weak. I have fibromyalgia so at times im unsure if the shooting pain is the injury or not. Going for an MRI soon. Hoping to find out something.......anything would be nice. :) Hope you both find relief.
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  • Wow. I forgot about this post. Been two years... Well forget about the doctors for me! I almost went through with getting my knee scoped. I came across a website, can't remember the name (been a couple years) and they were talking about how common the tendons and muscles around the knee can be misdiagnosed by orthopedics. If you heard a pop, and nothing jumps right out from the MRI start asking about the ligaments and muscles. Don't fall for the scope will make everything better gag. I have to really dig in good with a massager. Something tells the lateral muscle to try to stay locked. It causes serious pain and weakness since it isn't doing its job of relaxing when your leg is going straight. I also bought a mini tense. I shoot that through for about 15 minutes or so if it’s really bad. I'll be good for months at a time and it starts doing it again. I just do the same process over, and I am good. I hope you get a permanent solution to your problem!
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