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please help

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  • Posted By: jeremy2094
  • June 27, 2008
  • 10:42 AM

I have had severe leg pain for about five years now. The doctors just keep telling me that I need orthodics, but this is not helping. I have done many x-rays as well and they found nothing there. I need to know what this might be so I can go to the doctor and finally get some answers.
It started out, that I could not sit at a table because my knees would start to burn and I would have to get them up right away and even then they are extremely stiff. After time,(the pain was not isolated to my knees anymore), I could not bend them for more than twenty minutes at a time, and eventually I could not sleep with them bent. I will wake up with them buring horribly in the middle of the night, and a few times I have not been able to walk when I awoke, the pain was too much.
I also have this weird feeling, (like when your heart drops at the sight of seeing someone falling), when I see someone fall I get this feeling in my legs. That "stomach drop", actually happens in my legs!
This has gotten to the point that it effects everything I do,I am not overwieght and I am 27 year old mother of four.
I could lay in bed all day and my legs will feel the same as if I had walked all day, it dosent matter if I am on my feet or not.
Please help me understand what this could be so I can live a "normal" life with my children!

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  • Have you had an MRI? You didn't mention one. There are so many conditions that dont show on an xray that an MRI or CTScan can find. I have xrays 2 or 3 times a year soley for the purpose of tracking bone lose. I have had to have an MRI to find all the major problems in my knees.
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  • Honestly I thought I had to find a doctor willing to give me one. It was never brought up before, at least by the previous docs, and they have treated me as though I do not know what I am talking about. Right now, (I just came in from the heat outside), my legs are bothering me horribly. It is very hot in here, but I had to shut the AC off, because I swear it feels like I can feel the cold from it in my bones, and it hurts drasticly. I am like one step away from just going to the emergency room, but money is tight because we just poured all of our money into our first house.I did take two 800 mg of IBUPRFEN today, and it never touched the pain.The last doctor put me on 500 mg 2xs a day of NAPROXEN, but even with food it made me feel drunk. Being a stay at home mom of four, I had to discontinue using it. The doc says to just keep taking it because it takes a while to work, but I cannot risk falling asleep, (or passing out), when my husband is at work or out of town.Please someone, I know these symptoms might sound silly, but the pain is unbearable.
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  • If you are the US (sorry the board i normal post on is a UK board so I dont know where anyone is from.) you can pretty much convience a doctor to do an MRI if you yell loud enough and long enough. All an xray will show is bone (or in my case bones and hardware). An MRI or CT Scan will show soft tissue as well. Most Orthopedics are in love with the MRI machine.
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  • Thank you. You know I might just end up going this weekend. At least I know if I go to the ER, or Med-Center, they will not just sned me off with another apt. for Orthodics, with a grin on their faces. With the sensitivity to the cold air, I can't wrap the idea around my head that "flat-feet" is my problem. (Honestly, I have spent way more in co-pays alone to more than make up for the higher cost of the ER.) Life is no fun when the least amount of pain you have is the feeling of the flu aches in your legs consistently.Thanks to all who have posted.Jessica
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  • The ER or MedCenter may or may not do more than send you to the Ortho. They are normally good for pain control. you will need to fight with the Ortho for the MRI. If you have a medical school near you that may be a great way to go. I know the med school in Arkansas offers services at a lower price. Since it is a teaching hospital you get great care.
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  • I have been doing more research, and my symptoms sound to me almost like osteoarthritis of the knees. I am going to bring this up to my doc, and pray that he will take me seriously for a change, if not I will find yet another new doc!
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