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chronic chondrolamacia

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  • January 12, 2007
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I am a 47 year old mail who has been training/competitive in sports since 15. I developed chondrolamacia in the left knee 3 yrs ago, and it was shaved 6 mo's ago. The operation did not help, and it is somewhat worse. I'm now swimming, rollersking (classic style), and occasionally in line skating. I'm pain free but not symptom free. I have fullness, tingling around the kneecap, some irritation, and general annoyment. Sometimes it feels great after swimming or roller skiing, sometimes the next day it is annoyed.

My main question is whether these activities, which are supposed to be knee cap friendly, are further eroding the cartlidge, or, if these symptoms are nuisance only and not a sign of further degradation.

I am intrested in experiences of other aging athletes who have worked around chondrolamacia either successfully or unsuccesfully.

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  • I had osteochondritis dessicans at age 18, e.g. bone death and surgery to reinstall the broken-off piece of bone, hence, susceptible to chondrolamacia, since 1980.after my PhD qual in 1988, I flew to california, went skiing, came home, and played soccer the next weekend (age 26), and the next day, my knee swelled up for A WHOLE YEAR and doctor (gp, osteopath) couldn't fix it. LUCKILY my orthopedic surgeon was conservative and did not recommend anything, he was the guy who did the original surgery, he just said he couldn't tell for sure what was wrong.====If I run every day for a week == chondrolamacia, plus some swelling of tendon right between kneecap and head of my tibia. The thing that's so tricky about the knee is that ANY BIT OF SWELLING OR MISALIGNMENT can cause problems elsewhere. Final solution for me was to get THE MOST STABLE SHOES, which turn out to be AVIA Cantilever shoes (not sure if they are still made, nothing from Nike or even Asics comes close), plus find a good anti-inflammatory that your body responds to a TAKE IT RIGHT AWAY IF SYMPTOMS DEVELOP, I keep a supply at home so I can take it within a few hours of symptoms developing. NOT ACCEPTABLE to wait for the bureaucracy to give out a prescription. Also, when symptoms start, DISCONTINUE ATHLETIC ACTIVITES for at least 48 hours while you deal with symptomsIn my case, I limped around for a year, until finally I switched GP's, and my new GP got mad "darnit, why are you still sick after ALL THIS TIME !!", he referred me to a rheumatologist who recommended an MRI which said, "there is nothing really wrong with your knee". Knowing this, and also having my pet dog asking me every day to walk him around the block, and knowing that i wasn't doing any damage to exercise the knee, even with a little bit of swelling, allowed me to get over the problem by limping through dog-walks for about 1-2 months. It was hit gentle urging that finally banished the problem (god rest him, Clark, my pet dog.)======I am in this forum becuase I was having new problems with stiffness at both extremes of motion, and just had an MRI, got the results today. new surgeon is maybe a little more trigger happy, wanted to do a referral and maybe clean up the insides of my knee.I asked about the swelling right before I left, and he said "oh yeah, we should aspirate it" and he did that. Within 5 seconds all problem symptomons are gone. So it looks like I will be iceing and wrapping the knee to try to prevent bursitis symptoms from returning. When these symptoms return, it pushes the knee sideways and gets the osteochondritis area involved in movement, which was causing all the problems.See what I'm saying? When your need is properly balanced and there is no swelling anywhere, it will probably work fine. just don't use it when its in this statement.
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