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Bipartite Patella or Fracture?

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  • Posted By: grace916
  • April 11, 2007
  • 08:26 PM

A little over two months ago I fell from my backyard deck onto my knee. I had severe pain and swelling and was unable to raise my leg for about three days after. I had xrays the day after it happened and my primary doc said it was a fracture. I then went the following day to an ortho doc who very boredly told me it was not a fracture, but a bipartite patella. His examination consisted of looking at the xray and touching my kneecap - the spot he touched did not hurt, but I had other pain. I was told weight bearing was fine, it was just a contusion and it would take some time to heal. On one month follow up, I told the ortho of symptoms which remained the same and some which worsened. I still had swelling at day's end, intermittent sharp pains, I could not squat without terrible pain, my knee was popping outward when I walked, and my knee was "giving out" at times. I had to call the doctor back into the room three times to get him to listen to my symptoms because he was so certain it was nothing but a bipartite patella. (NOTE: I had my opposite knee xrayed, and it is not bipartite). He grudgingly agreed to an MRI, but not physical therapy (called it "a lot of hoo ha"...). The MRI was read as no ligament or cartilage damage, and the patella was either fractured or bipartite. So, back where I started. Now, over two months later, I still have the same symptoms (intermittent swelling, terrible aching by day's end, intermittent sharp pains, knee wanting to turn outward when I walk, difficulty going down stairs, intense pain when I squat, and knee buckling).

Any thoughts from anyone? I am going to another ortho for a second opinion, but my fear is that, because the doctors are in the same medical group, they will simply agree with the original diagnosis. What can I ask for, or tell them, that might get them to figure out what's wrong? I am at wit's end because no one seems to care and this had severely disrupted my active lifestyle. Even just any similar stories would be helpful...Thanks

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  • I Am Currently In The Military And Have Been Having Severe Knee Pain For The Past 2 - 2 1/2 Years. It Is Extreamly Painfull To Run, Hike, Squat/kneel, Or Walk Up Stairs. In Early 2007 I Ran Out Required Physical Fitness Test Which Was A 3 Mile Run. The Day After I Couldn't Bend My Knee, And It Killed Me To Walk, But I Did It. During This Time I Have Gone To My Local Military Doctor. At First They Diagnosed Me With Pfps, Treatment Motrin. I Returned About A Week Later With The Same Pain, And Again Diagnosed With Pfps Treatment Motrin. This Went On For About 6-8 Months. I Went Back In And They Finally Ordered X-rays, And They Said They Were Normal. Sence Then I Have Had 5 X-rays And Agin All Is Normal It's Pfps, Motrin. Well In 2007 After Our Physical Test I Went In But To A Different Doctor, And They Ordered X-rays. The Doc Came In Hey Your Knee Cap Is Broken. So He Orders An Mri And For Me To Go To Physical Therapy. The So Called Physical Therapyst (this Is The Military) Said It's Not Broken It's A Bipartite Patella And You Were Born With It. Oh And There Is Nothing We Can Do. What The Heck / Before The Military I Was A Fulltime Firefighter, And Before That I Was A Detention Officer At The County Jail. I Never Had On Single Issue With My Knees. I Have Seen 3 Different "specialists" And The Last One Said Well You Shouldn't Do Things That Hurt And When You Get Out Get A Job That Doesn't Require You Be Physical.Has Anyone Else Had This Problem? Or Anyone Have Any Suggestions Beside Beating The Crap Out Of The Doctors????
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