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Very Bad Alcoholic

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  • Posted By: Leo2009
  • June 3, 2009
  • 09:20 AM

I've been drinking 8-10 beers everyday for about 3 years now. Im so used to the alcohol it takes more and more to get my desired mood. Just recently I've been having kidney pain. I started drinking heavily when i was about 19 years old Im 22 now. Im wondering if that much abuse is enough to kill me in the long run. Is the damage able to be reversed?

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  • Hi! I'm Tammy and I am a gratefully recovering alcoholic. 1st, I want to say that about 99 times out of 100, by the time an alcoholic/addict realizes they have a problem, they're in way too deep and need help. This is why A.A. and the first 3 of the 12 steps are so important. 1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol, that our lives had become unmanageable 2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. I first read that step and thought they were nuts. I was so broken, I kinda felt like that line from Pink Floyd's The Wall that goes "You cannot reach me now. No matter how they try. Goodbye cruel world it's over, walk on by" because I just wanted everyone to leave me alone so I could drink myself to death. I wondered if there truly was a way to get my sanity back. I thought I was too far gone for that. I knew for a long time I had a drinking problem, I just didn't know what to do about it and I was afraid to tell anyone. 3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him. (God, or whatever higher power you choose) is going to play a role and help you out. I chose God because I deeply believe in Him and no matter what time of day or night or wherever I am, He's there for me. The third step (turning your will and life over) was a rough decision for me while working the steps. I got stuck on it so my sponsor had me skip it and came back to it. Being a control freak, I didn't want to turn my will and life over to anyone. But I came back to that third step and worked it. I had finally surrendered. My life was a mess. Why not take the burden off of me and let God take over and help? Every morning, I ask for God to keep me sober, just for today and I turn my day over to Him. If I forget to do it, my day usually goes to crap. Remember the wording here - you're turning your will and life over to the care of God, you're not turning your will and life over to Him. You still have free will, and as we say in the rooms sometimes, all that misery is still out there waiting for you if you want to go back. I socially drank for many years but progressively began drinking more and more. I drank every night. Then drank until I was falling down drunk every night. Then it started as soon as I got home from work and eventually, since my hands shook so bad from withdrawal, and I had to use a keyboard at work, I had to drink during the day, all day just to calm my hands. I had 2 hospitalizations with alcoholic hepatitis (different from cirrhosis which is an actual hardening) pancreas due to the alcohol and it is painful as heck. I was on massive morphine AND Demerol and was still in excruciating pain. I was gravely ill. I was discharged, went home, resumed drinking. 3 weeks later at age 32, I was back in the hospital with the same thing. I have been to both detox and rehab and each helped in their own way. I finally threw myself into A.A. and that's when I got sober and life became so much better. My relationship with God got stronger and stronger and I was finally at peace with myself. Now, I don't run that way every day of my life because there are days I am spiritually sick but for the most part, I feel darned good! Please start going to A.A. If you attend some meetings, try staying sober. if you relapse, go back to the meetings ASAP. Tell the people there what happened and please talk to someone there about it. Don't be embarrassed that you relapsed. Almost every single alcoholic has tried to quit for good a minimum of 2 times, and generally it's more like 3-7 times. Remember, if you relapse, pick yourself up and get to a meeting. Nobody is there to judge you, especially since at least one person in those rooms has either done what you've done, and probably some worse things. You'll think some of the things you've done while under the influence are original. Trust me - they've already been done by someone else. And remember - we are not bad people. We are sick people trying to get better. Listen to what people say at meetings, especially the discussion meetings. Especially listen to the "old timers", the ones who have been sober a long time. They have a lot of wisdom and experience and are a great resource and have a lot of great sayings too. I want you to think good and hard as to how everything feels right now - physicially, spiritually, emotionally. Do all 3 feel dead? I imagine they do. They did for me. You CAN get sober and you CAN be restored to sanity. Think about how you're feeling and start getting some sobriety. Every time you think about drinking, remember how you felt on this date. Another thing - make sure you start doing fun things while sober. Very important. You need a sponsor. Find someone who has a lot of sobriety and who has the kind of sobriety that you want. The person should be the same sex as you. You definitely need face-to-face meetings, but there are also online meetings. They schedule them throughout the day. When there are no meetings going on, a chat room is set up 24/7. Here's a link to my favorite A.A. site: http://www.recovery-world.com/Alcoholics-Anonymous-Chat-Rooms-10.html I know it's rough for you, being an alcoholic so young and thinking you can't drink for the rest of your life. In reality, you just can't drink for the rest of your life one day at a time. Live in the present. If you have one foot in yesterday and the other in tomorrow, you're peeing all over today. I was mad at God for "making me an alcoholic" at age 32. I asked why He couldn't have given me more time to drink before this happened because I really loved drinking. Looking back, I've thanked him for it because I can live a long, sober life now. You need to purchase the "Big Book" of A.A. It tells you how to work the A.A. program and you need to read at least the first 164 pages. If you cannot afford the Big Book, you can borrow it to read it. It tells you how the program started, how it works, etc. If you're having problems with any parts of the Big Book, your sponsor can help. One thing it does say in the book that holds true is that once you have some good sobriety, you will recoil from alcohol as if it is a hot flame. Now, the health issues: One warning - your liver metabolizes alcohol as sugar so (hopefully) when you quit drinking, have sweets on hand because your liver is going to be looking for that sugar. I'm never without chocolate/sweets. Better a cavity than cirrhosis or death. Liver: It could become inflamed if you keep drinking, alcoholic hepatitis. Drink more and you may end up with cirrhosis, hardening of the liver, and there is no cure for that. Your liver is shot at that point and if you don't get a transplant, you'll die. RE the kidneys: I had to look this one up and here's some stuff I found about too much alcohol and kidneys: Excessive alcohol consumption can impair your kidney function (have you had BUN and creatinine blood levels drawn lately? These are kidney functions. They should also do a liver panel - and I hope you're honest with your doctor about your drinking). Chronic drinking can impair the kidney functions such as regulating your electrolytes - your sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. One article says it can enlarge your kidneys, alter their hormone production and increase the risk of kidney failure. You *could* end up requiring a transplant or end up on dialysis if you go into kidney failure. Stomach. Excessive alcohol can tear up your stomach, cause little hemorrhages in your esophagus. Keep drinking heavily and you may find yourself throwing up what looks like coffee grounds. It usually means you're throwing up blood from your stomach. It can lead to hypertension and heart disease. Neurologic: Increases risk of stroke. Also, if you've been drinking heavily for awhile and quit cold turkey, you might have a seizure, so you may need a few days of detox. If you do have a seizure, depending upon your state law, you are not allowed to drive for 6-9 months until you've been seizure free that long. Talk to your doctor to see if he wants to send you to detox or detox you himself with meds like Librium. They also need to monitor your BP while you're coming off of the alcohol. I had 3 grand mal seizures from alcohol withdrawal and now have to be on seizure meds the rest of my life. Have you had any blackouts yet? If so, are they frequent? Every time you drink? Do you drink until you pass out every night? Regarding whether or not the abuse can kill you in the long run? YES!!! It can and WILL. If you keep drinking, you'll require more and more or switch to something stronger because your tolerance will keep building. It will damage your body. Please feel free to E-mail me (favresvikings@gmail.com) with any questions or just to vent. I don't get to my E-mail as often as I'd like, but I'm trying to be better about it. I've been where you are right now so I know how you're feeling. And there's nothing you can tell me that will shock me. I think I've heard it all. :D:eek: I'll close with this: May God bless you and be with you. May He hold you in His loving arms and guide you down the right path. Congrats on completing your first step, admitting you have a problem! :) Take care. I'll keep you in my prayers. Please use this acct for E-mails. favresvikings@gmail.com Pug Hugs from Bumper and Maggie.Tammy
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