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Trouble with Kidneys

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  • Posted By: tigger5
  • July 2, 2008
  • 06:38 AM

Hello everyone, new user here so hi and let me get in the first round of drinks.... although in this forum its probably a large round of cranberry juice!

I have been having kidney problems for a while now and not getting anywhere with the fantastic NHS so thought I would pop in here for some advice.

I am a 27 year old female, a smoker but in good health with a fairly good diet. I am going through a stressful time at the moment though and have just started a really good job and the thought of taking time of sick scares me as my probationary period lasts 6 months.

Since the age of about 21 I was getting about 1 or 2 kidneys infections a year, this then increased to 3 or 4 a year. No big deal, popped the pills and gone in a few days.

Last year I had a very severe one which was agony and my doctor thought I had kidney stones. I had an ultrasound but it came back clear. I got better in a week as well.

About 2 months ago I had really bad pain in my right kidney. There was blood in my urine, very visible and I was having incontinence problems. I didnt however have any pain when urinating. I was put on an antibiotic but I got a lot worse. I saw a different doctor and got put on Ciprofloxacin and was booked for an ultrasound as kidney stones were suspected.

The Cipro worked in a few days and all was dandy. I had the ultrasound and the radiographer thought she saw a couple of very small stones in each kidney but apart from that she said they looked good.

My follow up at the doctors is still another 2 weeks away.

Yesterday I started getting pain in my right kidney again and this morning it is even worse.

What worries me is the frequency to wee and the apparent incontinence. Its almost as if needing a wee sneaks up on me and then all of a sudden its there. I find it impossible to hold it in, even if I try my hardest I wet myself :o I am 27 and havent had children and I have never ever had this problem before.

I am also now finding myself waking in the night and needing the toilet, something that has never happened before.

Just to add, not sure if this is significant or not. I have always had period problems. I was on the contraceptive injection for 5 years (depo-provera) but 2 years ago I switched to the implant (implanon), its been nothing but problems... just wondered if that was any significance or not.

I have googled till I am bored and not found anything particulalry useful, articles on Celiac and Gluten were interesting but I felt didnt really apply to me.

So there we have it. Does anyone have any ideas why I am having frequent kidney problems, what this constant weeing thing is as well as the incontinence and anything else feel free to add.

I appreciate you reading this and look forward to your responses.

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