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Recurring UTI's are making me so mad!!!:(

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  • Posted By: aineysmurfy
  • November 10, 2007
  • 06:09 PM

Im 23 at the end of this month(November 2007)from waterford,South East Ireland.

I actually think that I am going mental form these recurring UTI'S.
Since Childhood I have always prone to kidney infections,i used get one at least twice a year.
Last April and after 3 mnths of no diagnosis(but thats another story) i was diagnosed with Henoch Scheinlein Purpura...:confused:

Since that HSP has cleared up(for now) I have gotten so many UTIs!!
I also have very high blood pressure resulting from henoch scheinlein purpura and am currently taking medication for this(Isten and low centryl k tabs..

My concern is the sudden overload of UTI'S ,the space between one UTI and another used to be months...but since HSP especially the last two months Ive had 6 UTI'S!!!!(ive tried every anti biotic under the sun,none have worked the last 3mnths..have i become immune to anti biotics through the years????)
I also suffer from frequent joint pain,get very tired and weak if I walk just a normal distance...

Ive been hospitalised 2 week ago as the pain came to a stage that was so unberable i thought my back would explode and I get this awful ''need to push feeling'' along with a ''fullness'' that just wont quit!!!

I am out of hospital two weeks now and returned to the doctor yesterday to be told I have ANOTHER uti!!!!The doctor gave me more anti biotics, and i have refused to even get them!!what is the point!!:mad:

I am currently also taking Macrodantin 100mg each night,this is a preventer of getting so many UTI'S but it doesnt seem to be working!
I have had a ultrasound scan,thankfully nothing was found but at the same time I have no closure!-Im waiting upon getting examined by a camera been inserted in my bladder to check out if anything is wrong-im waiting for this scan for months as there is waitin list

In the meantime I just have to bair the UTI's,all I've been told is that their is numerous infection present that anti biotics cant seem to kill :(
What Im trying to find out is that has Henoch scheinlein purpura brought on these recurrent UTI's or was it the UTI's all through the years threatning Henoch scheinlein purpura.....

Im very concerned as when i read up on Henoch scheinlein purpura it states the big concern is the kidney involvement,but it is rare.maybe i am one of the unlucky ones :(

anything from anyone who suffers from recurrent UTI'S or Henoch scheinlein Purpura would be much appreciated, would love to get in contact with either, it seems like im all alone in this!!

If you are reading this and suffer from Either I realy hope u recover soon and better still...FOR GOOD!

Áine M.

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  • I to have suffered UTI. Try UT Synergy by Designs for Health. They are tablets. It helps the urinary pain! It stopped my urinary pain. I had to take it for about a month. I had to continue to take it or it came back. My physician assistant suggested I take it on going. However it doesn't stop the pain in my left kidney. Also try criss crossing with a Tens Unit across the low back. Put one pad up & one pad down across the back. Then criss cross the other two pads across the opposite direction over the low back & kidney areas. Make sure it crosses over kidneys and low back. It Helps a great deal! I turn it up as high as I can stand it. It pulsates, a vibration! I used it half the night. I was so ill with pain in my kidney area.Try it.I'm running fevers again. 101. temp. Also ask for a MICRO test for infection. It will show a UTI infection better than a normal urine test. My urine tests were always negitive until a MICO test for infection was taken! It flagged a numerous amount of infection. I was running 101.2 then and the regular urine test was normal, but the Micro test was positive! Both taken at the same time! Ask for that test! I wish you well. Iv'e suffered with cronic urinary pain for years and lately left kidney, navel, and nausea pain for last few months. It's not easy to live with pain. Also, ask your doctor to be tested for "High Parathyroid! Check Vitamin D & Calcium. If your Vitamin D is low and parathyroid is high read the material on Parathyroid.com. It covers what a parathyroid tumor can cause. Check it out. The parathyroids are behind the thyroid glands. They are not related to thyroid glands and cause numerous problems!
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