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my child had a kidney ultrasound...

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  • Posted By: worriedmom98
  • February 10, 2007
  • 04:44 AM

Please help. My eight year old daughter recently had an ultrasound on her kidney's because she has had frequent urinary tract infections. The doctor called back with the results and I was told the radiologist found a small spot on her left kidney that signifies a chronic infection. The doctor told me the tissue was slightly different in that area than the rest of the kidney. He told me she needs to take an antibiotic (bactrim) for three months, and then another ultrasound to see if the medicine helps. If not, she needs to see a kidney specialist. I do not know what it could be and I would like some kind of clue about what my daughter and I could possibly be facing in the months ahead. What can cause a kidney infection and can the kidney infection be the cause of the urinary tract infections?:confused:

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  • Has your daughter had a VCUG to check for urinary reflux?
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    • February 13, 2007
    • 08:33 PM
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  • No she hasn't, as far as I know. What is that and how is it done?
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    • February 18, 2007
    • 04:53 PM
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  • My 13 year old daughter had suspicious spots on her kidney as well and has had kidney issues since she was a baby including kidney stones. I also have issues with my kidneys.A kidney infection IS a urinary tract infection. your kidneys are part of your urinary tract and there are reasons why your daughter is going through this. I think the doctor your daughter saw should have scheduled some tests to determine WHY she is experiencing recurrent UTI's before simply starting her on a prophylactic treatment for something she cant even be sure is actually from a chronic infection. Is that doctor a pediatric kidney specialist? If not i would not trust a dianosis unless my child was seen by the appropriate doctor. Just treating her is not going to stop the recurrent uti's and continued kidney damage, if that is what that spot truly is on her kidney. My daughters pediatric Neph would not even go near dianosing her spots until more tests were completed to make sure the spots arent something else altogether. He also told me that you cannot diagnose spots on the kidney by just an xray. He said there were a few things he could say they 'might' end up being but without further testing he could not be sure exactly what they were or how to treat them if at all possible. Did that doctor even do a urine culture to see if bactrim is going to be effective on that particular bacterial strain? I am very surprised they did not do a test to check for possible reflux. If i remember correctly that is one of the first things they did for my daughter. It's a lot easier to treat uti's if you know if her urinary tract is in proper working order. I am extremely wary of doctors that treat something that they dont have the same intricate knowledge as a specialist would have. I have learned to be proactive in our health care because of a non-specialist doctor misdiagnosing her. She ended up being hospitalized because one doctor chose to make a decision that was beyond his specific capacity. She was seriously ill and it could have been fatal had i not taken her to a different doctor in a different office. i was told if i had waited just 12 more hours that she could have ended up with brain damage or even worse possibilities. Please take her to the kidney specialist when you can because that doctor will know how to get to the root of her uti's and give her meds and or information so she doesnt have as many and eventually are very infrequent and possibly even stop completely. Good luck!
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  • I agree with the last post. I have 4 girls and so far two have the urinary reflux. My 4 yr old went through tons of in office blood and urine test to the point to where my daughter had emotionally shut down when we went to thhe doctors or mentioned going to the potty. Finally a pediatric urologist did a renal U/S and a VCUG! These are vital test! She was diagnosed with the reflux on both sides and was level 4 out of 5. This high of a grade would not fix itself over time so she had deflux injections and they didnt work. So she had the reimplantation and so far (it's been a yr) she is doing well! I made the mistake of believing the doctors when they said that the kidney they were watching on my now 9 yr old in utero was all of a sudden fine when she had a u\s at 3 weeks old. She has just been diagnosed with reflux on the right side and has had it since birth so it has damaged her kidney beyond repair and it scheduled to have it removed! I am very upset as some test before she was born stating spots on the kidneys but since she was my first and I did everything the doctors asked I trusted them when they said she was fine when the last U/S was done on her and came back neg. I didn't know at the time to demand that they refer me to a urologist because I was led to believe that they were concerned about the size of her kidney. Be proactive as the last post advised! You will be saving your child alot of grief and pain and possibly a vital organ! Az
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  • Kidney Reflux, or Vesicoureteral Reflux is fairly common- and diagnosed more often in girls than in boys- however, one of my four sons had reflux and was diagnosed at the age of seven weeks using an abdominal u/s and a VCUG. His reflux was on the left side only and was grade 3 at that time. After a year on Bactrim, another VCUG was performed, and showed that his reflux had actually worsened to grade 5. His urologist was very proactive and immediately scheduled surgery- which he came through fine. He is 4 and 1/2 now and has had no further trouble. Even though he didn't have an infection during the year he was on bactrim, he still suffered slight kidney damage from the backflow of urine. You should definitely insist that the doctor you are seeing does these tests, and if he doesn't want to, find a pediatric urologist- which is what should be done anyway.
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