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My 7yr old pees blood

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  • Posted By: momto3
  • January 17, 2007
  • 00:06 AM

Hello everyone-I have a few questions-My son who is now 7 yrs old pees blood off and on-This has been going on for about 3 yrs. He was iron def. since he was 1 and they just put him on iron-not finding out what exactley was causing this. Saying that they were 99 % sure it wasnt cancer-this was back when he was 1. He stayed on iron because everytime they took him off-he would drop-Fast forward to 4 yrs old -we had trouble with potty training and accidents but nothing to serious. They took him off iron at 4 when he started pre-k- shortly after that I noticed the blood in his urine-I took him in to the dr. After some tests -it was blood-alot -figuring a UTI or kidney infection they put him on antibotics--blood continued -so refered to a Urologist. He found blood still and did a CT because I have lupus and have had kidney stones and dad has gout and also has had kidney stones they thought stone-ct showed nothing-so they sent us to a Nephrologist-who did a ultra-sound and the tech found something-she said it didn't cast a shadow and didn't move-they scheduled a biopsy the next day-we came for the biopsy and dr said the radiologist said it was a stone-so no biopsy-48hr collect of urine and they said he was a kidney stone maker and put him on some medicine to dissolve the stone-we don't know if he ever past a stone but he still pees blood. I just worry that noone takes it seriously its been 3 yrs and getting into the dr is very hard-he doesnt complain about any normal stone symptoms--no pain -he runs a low grade fever sometimes-he tires easily-the blood sometimes is dark brown and sometimes red-I just dont know if I should continue with this kidney dr or search out a different one-I am told he is the only one here in OKlahoma . So any ideas i would appreciate them. Thanks

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  • If he's drinking any soda pop, take him off of it and see if this clears up. When I was a child, I had this happen and as soon as the doctor ordered my parents to withhold the sodas, it cleared up immediately. Soda's ******n children, especially dark ones like cola. The carbonation in it also leaches out the calcium and some other important nutrients from your body.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 17, 2007
    • 01:39 AM
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  • hey thanks for the reply--soda is a rare thing for him--he has heard his whole life that water is better for him--so he really doesn't go for the sodas. Thanks for the ideas maybe he will also out grow it.
    momto3 3 Replies
    • January 19, 2007
    • 00:42 AM
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  • Hi Momof3.Dont worry I live in OK too!! You arent the only one! I had symptoms like your son when I was about 18. I was diagnosed with Berger's Disease. What nephrologist does your son see? I could offer you some names of the ones that I go to. They been able to keep it under control and I still have 98% of my kidney function. I got my disease from taking the drug acutane. I doubt your son has the same condition but peeing blood is nothing to take lightly. They always confused mine with kidney stones and UTI's too. So, I would most def. seek another opinion.
    MissSallyBrown 2 Replies
    • February 13, 2007
    • 03:35 PM
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  • My nine-year-old son was just discharged from the hospital yesterday. He also had blood in his urine. You can read the entire post that I just wrote, I don't want to bore you with all of the details again. But, feel free to email me at Pghpensfans@msn.com. I sure could use someone to talk to that may be going through the same thing. They just can't figure out what caused it and I'm thinking that no answer can be just as bad as an answer.
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  • My 12 year old son has been peeing blood for the last three months. He was diagnosed with glumerlonephritis three years ago. He doesn't have any symptoms-no headache, joint pain, inflammation,fatigue, stomach pain-nothing! Only that when he has a bm, blood comes out of his penis. I asked him to force when he goes for a pee to see if it happens then too, and it did! When I initially mentioned to the doctor that the blood only happens when my son poos, the doctor looked at me like it was nothing...We are so frustrated now-he wants answers and thinks that blood coming out of his penis is not something that should be ignored. If this is a side-effect from his kidney disease then that's one thing but tell us that! The doctor seems content with the normal results of the tests that he sent him back for when we initially mentioned the blood in his urine. We are going back to the doctors this week. I need answers....
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  • I'm thinking you may want to get a 2nd opinion. Has he been to a pediatric nephrologist?
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  • yes, he's been seen by the nephtologist specialist at the children's hospital (well not actually physically seen my son-she's looked at his records and test results and comunicated them with his pediatrician). She doesn't seem overly concerned becasue the test results are all good...
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  • I'm sure they know what they're talking about. It just makes me wonder because our doctor said that our son could have blood for up to a year, but it has cleared up already.
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  • My son starting urinating blood about two years ago after having strep throat, and UTI but blood continued causing me to be very concerned. My son was seen by his doctor, sent to kidney specialist at children's hospital, nothing was found. Son saw a urologist and nothing was found. Son continued to urinate blood with clots, other symptoms such as fatigue, low stomach pain, now he is complaining of a feeling a mass or knot in his stomach, urgency to urinate. My son continues to bleed blood as of today, recently referred to blood specialist...several blood tests were adminstered all came back negative. I'm so worried about my son because it seems that his condition is getting worse and no diagnosis. It seems like we're only ones dealing with this. Help and suggestions.
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