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Without diagnosis. Swollen and painful joints with good tests.

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  • Posted By: delilah
  • April 26, 2011
  • 00:47 PM

Hi! I am Claudia. I’m 17, 158 cm, 55kg. I had a happy childhood, with minor health problems, but frequent.
My story started 3 years ago. I was operated fo rappendicitis in March. In April I woke up in a morning with a pain on the left knee; it was swollen. It hurted more when I went. I said: “Nothing wrong!”, thinking that I hit without realizing. It was before the Easter, so I continued to be normal. No doctors, no meds. During a week, the pain continued, moving to the right knee, than to the right ankle. They were swollen too. I went to the doctor and she said: “I’m sure that this isrheumatism. You’ll do tests to confirm, but anyway you have to do injections of Penicillin!”. I was shocked because I didn’t felt sick. I went there just because my mother said and then I found that I have this. I made the tratment, but when the test came, the doctor realised that all are right. No test modified. She said: “Oh! I think that here is a mistake from the laboratory. You’ll go on with this tratment for a week and then you’ll repet the test.”. After 2 weeks the tests were the same. I gave up because the tratment had no effects. Left knee was still swollen.
During 2 years I went to more than 10 doctors but all my tests were right and they said that I’m ok, that I don’t have to worry about this. Most of them said that what I fell are growingpains and they’ll disapear when I’ll grow up ( Imention that I am 158 cm since I was 11 years old). They sent me to psychologist, but I refused to go. I agree that the pain can be in my mind, but bumps are real. . The pain became exhausting, but was just to my joints legs (kees, ankles, hips). The analgesics were useless. Ihad nothing to do, just waiting and hoping this will get over.
In September 2010 I had a car crash. I had just few bruises. One month later the calvary started. The pain became more intense and moved to all the joints (big or small), but the swollen was just to my elbows. This is not all. The muscles pain started too.
Finally I went to a doctor that suspected Fibromyalgia. I was surprised when I realised that he’s asking me about headaches, digestion problems, sleep, anxiety. It was exactly what I had. I had 13sensitive points. I tought that I found a diagnosis for my problems, but I was dissapointed when he said that he can’t told me the diagnosis because is too dificult. He gave me sleeping pills and that was all. So what can I do? Wait and hope again…
Since then nothing’s changed. I don’t fell the pain in the same way because I used to it. Sometimes becames unreal but I don’t have a solution, so I go on with.
I wrote this because I still hope that somewhere is someone who can help me.
I’m sorry because my English is so bad.

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