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Read if you have the following and cannot get a doctor to diagnose

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 28, 2011
  • 03:41 AM

I am so tired of pursuing a diagnosis. I am tired of being in pain. A roller coaster everyday, never knowing how bad it's gonna be. I have a few good days then wake up in some kinda flare and hurt for a week or more. Some times it's everyday and every night for weeks on end. This is been going on for 10 or 12 years. I don't even know anymore.

Joint pain
Pain in first 2 toes on each foot and ball of feet
fever sometimes daily of 99+
feel like I am getting the flu
achy all over
lymph node pain from under chin/jaw, armpits, breasts, collar bones, back of neck, ribs
lymph node tenderness, can't even stand to lay on a pillow
all lymph nodes painful and swollen after being exposed to cold
severe fatigue like someone has slipped me a mickey
fatigue not relieved by rest
joint pain in first 2 fingers and thumbs on each hand
fingertip pain
knees painful to the touch
knees too painful to bend
stiffness upon waking and inactivity
elbow pain and stiffness
muscle pain
heel pain
hip joint pain
my spine feels too short for my back
stiff neck
pain along spine from lower back to base of skull
rice crispies popping in spin and neck
pain in and between shoulder blades
inability to think of words and difficulty recalling things
woke up with pain in knees for at least a month straight feeling as though I had "carpet burn" on them-warm and painful and swollen

That is the short list. There are many issues that come and go or are very subtle and most I have forgotten (or put out of my mind). The above list is the main ones. I have been tested for everything under the sun. Negative everything except occasional elevated SED rate. One doctor found I carry the HLA-B27 gene. He did nothing with that. I take shots for B12. I am 40 years old, over weight by 40 lbs, cannot for the life of me lose weight. I know that being over weight causes health issues but there are many people I know that are heavier than me who do not have even one of these symptoms.

Are you in the same boat with no diagnosis and no where else left to turn????

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  • hi i really do like your info about this. i had some of theses symptoms from 3 years now. and its start when i once tried to lift a heavily loaded bag from airport to my home. you can say that this bag is too heavy for me but i somehow took it. and also once my friend applied pressure on my shoulder. after that i had feeling like my whole body structure disturb. i had rice crispies popping in spin and neck. also some times feeling pain on by back. and also feeling pain in that shoulder that hold this bag. please help me if you can i am very worried now as thing gone difficult for me now to find out i i had to say to doc about this. my age is 29 years old and i am software engineer
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  • Hello,I can feel your pain it is a very terrible experience I would like to suggest you to consult some good chiropractor they can help you with their therapies. You don't have to undergo any surgeries.
    Ammy Wats 53 Replies
    • August 21, 2012
    • 06:24 AM
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  • I have all your symptoms plus more. I have been diagnosed with Vitamin D defincey, 2 forms of Muscular Dystrophy, MS, arthritis all over, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, lead in my neck, swollen lympos(all over the entire body). I also have migraines and loose half my vision and get those mini stroke things. I was perfectly healthy with nothing wrong with me, until my son was born. I had to have a c-section and was in the hospital for 9 days, I had gotten a blood infection. Whenever I don't get enough sleep or get stressed, all this stuff flares up and its worst then labor. Lymphos swell when you are sick or when they are infected and is caused my all these things. A doctor won't take the risk in looking at you and helping due to staph and mersa infections. idk what it is about them, they won't even touch me and tell me I need to go see a doctor at Infectious Disease and Control. You think they would name it something alittle less scary, maybe people might actually go. Sorry for all the spelling errors. Im 25 years old and have had these problems for 5 years, and can't get help. Yeah they throw pain meds, nerve meds, everything at me. Had me taking 31 pills a day plus 2 pain patches, my medical problems are not cureable, and they give me meds to help "relax" me for the rest of my life. I think this is stupid! I can't stand our medical stuff. If you have any suggestions or advice or figured out whats wrong with you, please let me know. thanks
    Alamanda 2 Replies
    • December 4, 2012
    • 08:54 AM
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