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Hip pain

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  • Posted By: sausalitofoxtrot
  • March 29, 2010
  • 08:23 PM

Hello there!

3 years ago, I decided to take up running. Never massively into fitness, I took things slow. I bought a treadmill, started running half a mile and slowly built it up to 3 miles, twice a week. After a year, I decided to do a 6 mile run. In order to get used to the outside conditions, I started running round the block. Within a few days of doing this, I found my hip was aching the next day and feeling very stiff.

The doctor put me on ibufren.. but its only masked the pain.. I went to physio.. they caused me even more pain by massaging it, and so sent me back to the doctor.. he gave me injections for Bursitis... and made me rest for months...

Now the pain is there all the time in both hips, my lower back, ribs are tender, and even gentle Yoga leaves me floored.

Bloods tests clear, I go to Reumatology... he made me touch my toes and told me I had Hypermobility...?? (YES literally, just like that!)

Does this sounds right?? Just like that he writes off my life?! Im 34! I cant go out and dance with the girls, I can lie on a hard floor on my side, I cant do gentle exercise??? Is that it, for life.. no way out?

PLEASE help? What can I do next?

Michelle x

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  • Hi. I'm not sure about your ribs, but maybe you should try to find a chiropractor; it sounds like your hips and your back might be out, and until they're fixed, no amount of ibprofen will help; I know how this sounds, but I have a disk disease in my lower back and I think it causes my back and hips to go out without warning sometimes; just last weekend I was raking my yard, and then a couple days later, it was windy and it was still kind of warm out, so I went for a walk, and then that night all my troubles began; I started getting these horrible cramps in my calves and they would get so tight that I thought the circulation was being cut off, and spread through my legs to my knees and hips, and then they would let up and then get tight again, all day for 4 days, even at night when I would try to go bed, and they even woke me up from sleep a few times, so I thought I just did too much walking since I'm not used to it yet, and I took some Advil for the pain, and I'm not into fitness either, but I need to lose some more weight for health reasons, so the next day, I exercised a little bit to get rid of the cramps; nothing major, just a couple sets of leg lifts with light weight, and that really hurt me because the next day, I could hardly get out of bed and I had cramps so bad I was crying, and it takes alot for me to cry, so I'd say the pain was 8 or 9, and I couldn't get off the couch until later that day because I was hurting so bad, and had to spend most of the afternoon with a heating pad under my legs until they finally started going away, and I made an appt. with the chiro., and the next day I went to the office and told the doctor about my pain and told her everything except for the exercise, I didn't think that was important, but she couldn't crack my back while I was on the table lying on my stomach because my hips were cramping really bad, and she had me turn over on my back and my legs were so tight the muscles would not relax, and finally after a few tries to relax, she quickly pulled each leg and each time there was a loud and painful CRACK in my knee and hip. I cried out in pain, and she asked me if I was ok, and I said yeah, and she said my hips were out, and I didn't know they were out because of the leg cramps, and I asked her why they went out and she said everything, meaning because my back is bad, and I'm 27, and I was diagnosed at 25, so that's not good, but I have another appt. tomomorrow, and other than feeling stiff and sore for a couple days since my adjustment, I feel pretty good now. Anyway, it's something you could look into. Good luck, and keep us posted. I hope you'll feel better soon.Take care.
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