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Knocked out teeth

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  • Posted By: kiwi88
  • January 19, 2007
  • 04:48 PM

Hi there,
Has anyone had a similar experience or have suggestions for my younger sister, who knocked out 2 of her front, upper teeth a few years ago? My sister has cerebral palsy (only mild, but she often overbalances) and fell over, knocking out her teeth. She was only 9 years old and is now 16, and has finally been given an idea of what can be done for her to help with the appearance of her mouth. Either she can have a "bridge", which will be bits of wire stuck onto the back of the adjacent teeth, and two false teeth stuck onto that, so from the outside of her mouth, it will look as though she has all her teeth. However, I am unsure of how much use she will have of these teeth - probably still wont be able to bite into an apple or corn.
There is also a second option, of having implants, which she can use normally - BUT, when she fell over, she also smashed (and I mean completely smashed) her lower right cheek bone, which the doctors were able to piece together, but it is very dense and will not hold the implants. If my sister choses this option, she will have to have some of her hip bone taken to replace the bone in her cheek and the teeth implants put into that. It will be a much more painful and time-consuming experience for her, but may leave her with a better quality of life.

Basically, I am looking for ANYONE who can tell me what they know, or if they have had a similar experience (even just bone taken from the hip or something!) - so that my sister can make the right decision for her teeth. We are also worried that, if she falls again later on in life, she may knock the implants or bridge out of her mouth - causing damage again. In this case, it may be better to just have the bridge...but who knows. The decision is very difficult for her, and having had a fairly awful experience with her teeth last time in hospital, she is extremely nervous about the operations, etc.

THANKYOU to anyone that can help

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  • i recently spoke with my dentist a week ago about options for replacing a tooth i had extracted. i decided an implant would be a better option, because a bridge can damage the teeth around the crowns (or replacement teeth, not sure of the right terminology). somebody as young as your sister should do something that will last longer and not damage her perfectly healthy teeth, so i think an implant would be good. i heard they also have new bone grafts that can either be from synthetic materials or from cow bone that they put into the gums that'll attach itself to the regular bone. but it's still a pretty controversial issue so you will get different opinions from dentists/oral surgeons.
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  • Hi Thanks so much for your help and information. Any experiences really help in the decision making! My sister has now had her braces off and is using a plate with two teeth attached, which looks great when she is wearing it! No one can tell she is missing any teeth, as these ones were made to look like her others, with even some artificial gum attached! So if anyone is reading this for their own information also, a plate is a great way to go for a temporary result.As for the bone ideas, my Mum thinks that the synthetic bone grafts would be a good way to go if possible- less pain and complications from the hip/rib surgery!!! Thats interesting about the bridge too, I also think that implants may be a better way to go considering my sister's age, etc. Hope your tooth replacement goes well - let me know how it works out for you. Thanks again for your help.
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