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white, itchy bumps on thigh

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 1, 2008
  • 03:28 PM

Today is Monday. On Friday evening I noticed several white, pus-filled bumps on the back of my left thigh. The area surrounding the bumps is red and slightly swollen. The area is tender to the touch and itches. I purchased and wore a new pair of stretch jeans on Friday night. I did not notice anything unususal until i removed the jeans a few hours later. I also have genital herpes, but I have never had any break outs on my thighs. Any idea what could have caused this? Do I need to see a doctor or is it possible the STD is spreading?

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  • Something similar happened to a gf of mine. Doctor was confounded and confused, gave her this anitbiotic then that one, still the itchy, painful rash... the culprit? HER NYLON BATH SCRUBBIE!That bath scrubbie grew a very unique brew of bacteria that was resistant to "first-responder-type-antibiotics." Her painful rash cleared up quickly with the right antibiotic! Bath scrubbies are cheap! Replace them often if you use them at all. Just remember how often we wash our washcloths, yet we leave our nylon bath scrubbies to hang dry after every use! If your rash was so centralized and not affecting places all over your legs, I would not guess any kind of contact dermatitis. New clothes should always be washed before being worn. Chemical agents are used in the process of making clothes that can be very irritating to susceptible persons.Herpes will not "spread" to the thigh unless you had a scratch (or other opening) on the thigh during an active phase or breakout of Herpes and accidently touched a lesion and then touched a cut or abrasion on the skin. This is why people with active Herpes must be vigilant in NOT touching any mucus membrane, this WILL make the virus spread. Herpes in the eyes is very dangerous. The other thought was that Herpes, like Chicken Pox, will go dormant and "sit" in the PNS (Peripherral Nervous System). Could it be possible that what you have/had is shingles? Shingles ususally appears on the upper torso, but hypothetically, could errupt anywhere. Shingles is caused by the Chicken Pox virus, but most of us has had it! Usually Shingles doesn't come back to bite us until later in life. But with these snappy little viruses, anything can happen!Oh, and don't feel bad about the Herpes. In the U.S., the Herpes virus (the STD) has now affected about 25% of the young adult population and is making inroads into the "older" population as well. I have also been told that already having the Herpes virus predisposes someone to getting HIV more easily than one not infected with Herpes. I don't know if that is true or not, but this came from a Doctor's mouth!Anyway, just ANOTHER good reason to have protected relations!Hope you are feeling well soon!
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