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Toxoplasmosis caught from cats - INCORRECT

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 27, 2006
  • 01:25 PM

I was surprised to see your (outdated) belief that cats transmit _Toxoplasma gondii_ directly to other hosts. An in-depth review of the biological cycle of this protozoan will reveal that it is NEVER, EVER transmitted directly from cats to ANY host species. The oocyst that is excreted in cat feces is IMMATURE and therefore CANNOT infect any host species at all. The IMMATURE oocyst MUST spend at least 24 hours in the environment with the proper humidity and temperature for maturation in order to become infective for another host. The oocyst cannot mature in cat fur and cats are always cleaning themselves. Ingestion of an immature oocyst by a cat or any other animal, including humans will be destroyed by stomach acid. This was established in the 1960's.

The primo-infection of a cat will result in an abundance of immature oocysts in the cat feces for about 1 week. The second infection will result in an excretion of oocysts in the feces for a couple of days. The third infection, the cat is immune and will not excrete again unless it becomes immunocompromised (FIV infection, from which the cat dies). So, a cat only excretes oocysts for a couple of weeks at most in its entire life, if it is ever infected.

That is why the litter box must be cleaned every day, preferably not by a pregnant, seronegative woman. Nothing at all needs to be done to the cat during this period.

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  • Of course, if the cat becomes an INTERMEDIATE host for _T. gondii_ (cysts in its muscles) and the cat is EATEN raw or poorly cooked, transmission will occur like any other intermediate host.
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  • what about catching wild cats, and domesticating them, i got a cat bite and did not test pos for antibody cat scratch fever, first bite aug 2nd by my 13 yr old cat had her shots until 4 years ago, inside cat, persian, !!!the later part of aug got bit by stray 12 week old kitten, have now taken her for shots, got feeling bad all of sept, by the 29th , lymph nodes in elbow swollen, chills , then it almost looks like a mass, by 10 days i go to dr, gives me 2 antibiotics, after the 5 day pak, arithmizin\amoxicillin 10 day, i break out w/what dr calls erthemia nodosum???is all this from cat bites or allergic reaction to antibiotics, or other disease i dont know about, i am usualy a heathy person, i wonder if cleaning out litter boxes 4 2 times a day if i have some fungus disease?been really sick for 8 weeks, 6/7 rounds of antibitics, the EN supposedly takes 3/6 weeks to heal, i am on 8th week, the stray cat bite has not completely healed on my finger it looks like a small pimple, when i pulled scab off back 6 weeks ago green pus was coming out, i was so delirious w/fever didnt wash it out and forgot to tell my dr, had so much sickness going on and no help from anyone, so couldnt remember all my symtoms, i am sorry so long , so many concerns and questions, bottom line, are my cars making me sick and this is wjy i cant get well , couod th esmall bite that hasnt healed be causing all tis sickness still?? litter bixes ?i am allergic to cats, i have 7 cats , all strays except one, 3 kittens , 3 one year old, one 13, i always knew i was allergic but thought it was from just touching them and touching eyes!
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    • November 26, 2006
    • 09:44 AM
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