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The Long Road.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 10, 2010
  • 05:25 AM

Hi. I was just recently diagnosed with RRF. I was a very active person, playing basketball, golf & also going to the gym. I ended up hurting my knees working on my fathers dairy farm but was still able to do gym. Then one day I noticed the day after doing bicep curls that my mucsles would ache. I took a week off to recover, felt better, tried doing weights again, but ended up with the same pains. Then my back, thighs, neck, arms started to ache everytime I would do something to physical. I would get headaches, feel feverish, and would have to spend my time in bed resting as this was the only way the pain would reside.
I was a big bloke, about 105kg (from working out in the gym). Because I couldn't do anything physical, I really cleaned up my diet. Stopped with the protien drinks & ate smaller servings. I dropped to 85kg. The pain still persisted. From the symptoms I thought I had Chronic Fatigue. NO one believed me. So I went to my local GP. I had a blood test for the normal things (hepatitis, cholestrol, etc) but everything came back normal, I was healthy. But I didn't feel healthy.
I was then sent to a specialist. He had me do do same weird tests, standing on 1 leg, walk in a straight line. He came to the conclusion that I had chronic fatigue. I gave up. I knew that there was no medicine or pills that would rid me of this illness. I found that if I did not do anything to physical (lifting, running, etc) I wouldn't feel the symptoms.
Recently I moved towns. I again had to go to a GP for a unrelated reason, but thought while I was there I would ask for his advice. I had one blood test that came back normal. He then asked if I had ever lived in Queensland. I had, for a year & a half, about 4 years ago. I told him that I was fine up and til a year & a half ago. He said that it can lay dorment in your system, that sometimes you don't show symtoms straight away. I then had a blood test for Ross River Fever. It came back telling my GP that I had had it in the past, but not anymore.
I don't know what he really means by anymore because I still feel the same symptoms to this day. But I was relieved to have actually find out what had crippled me after all this time. But also disappointed, as there are no drugs or medicine for this virus. The point of all this is that these doctors are only guessing. If I had had a GP that actually listened to my symptoms, that did some research, that made a check list & we went through it, I would have known alot sooner. Do your own research, then go to them & tell them what blood tests you want done.
And as for living with RRF, I know my limits. I learn from past experience what I can & can't do, and if I cross the line I will be very sore for about a week. I know there are people with worst cases so I should be thankful, but it does get depressing knowing what you were able to do, but now can not. I just wish that GP's and doctors were a bit more serious when diagnosing people. Its always good to know what you are dealing with, instead of being left in the dark.

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