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private embrassing question

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  • Posted By: pisces1970
  • May 24, 2007
  • 02:59 AM

I hope this question doesn't offend anyone. If anything, I hope it serves as caution to not do what I did on vacation back in Feb. Here it goes.

I went on vacation to Santo Domingo mid Feb 2007. I participated in sexual escapade oral sex. I have been tested for HIV, Syphillis, Claymidia, Gonnoreha, Heptitis, and TB. All results came back negative. My most recent HiV test was May 15 which was 13 weeks after last exposure. Thank God my test came back negative. I have had the following symptoms that started a four days after I returned from Santo Domingo.

1. I experienced a metallic like taste in my mouth.
2. Next, I experienced a pressure like feeling traveling around the left side of my head above my ear. Three months later and I am still getting this pressure off and on.
3. I could not eat for four days. Test came back that I had a parasite and I was given medication which gave me my appetite back. I lost 12 lbs in the first three weeks.
4. I had diaherra for nearly amonth.
5. I have been experiencing high blood pressure off and on since my turn.
6. I have been experiencing numbness in both hands along my pinkey finger.
7. I have pea like bumps on my arms.
8. I experience fatigueness in my left arm for about two weeks off and on.
9. My experience pins and needle tingling sensation in my feet, leg, stomach and hand. I have notice that the back of my arm above the elbow is very sensitive.
10. My ears get a slight pain that last a few seconds.
11. My butt feels tender. Sometimes it feels like something is crawling around the inner part of anus liner.
12. I experience pressure across my chest and some sharp pin and needle pains around my chest.
13. I have lately been experiencing a dull pain on both sides of my penis.
14. I have also been experiencing pain in my underarms.

Most of these symptoms come on suddenly and last a few minutes. I feel like my whole body is experiencing some type of symptom. This has never happened before my trip to Santo Domingo. Some foods help and some food aggreviate my symptoms. I notice when I do not eat breakfast of lunch, I really experience symptoms.

Someone please help. My doctor has been terriic and giving referrals and running various fluid test. I believe there is an answer to my condition.

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  • Eventually you want to re-test to make sure you did not get a false negative on those tests.Are getting your liver activity check (health panel blood test)?It sounds like the immune system is weak- look into all remedies to boost it up regardless of what you caught.You definetely caught more than one thing- the parasite being one of them. I am not a doctor- but it is obvious that your body is fighting something.Take vitamin supplements- prrobiotics, minerals, extra vitamin C, etc.Continue searching for answers.Best.
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  • Thanks Eatafruit78! I definitely want to retest. I tested at least five times during the past 13 weeks for HIV using both the blood test and oral test. They have all come back negative. I was informed that receiving a negative result after 13 weeks was conclusive from the sexual episode that occurred beyond that window period for a person who is healthy. All I can think about is retesting for HIV when it seems like I should be focusing on retesting for other STDs. I understand your are not a doctor, but you seemed knowledgeable on this situation. What is your take on the HIV 13 consecutive week conclusive test period?
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  • What was the medication you were given for the parasites? Were you given any other medications during the past few months? I would not worry about HIV right now, but focus on other STD tests, and check for candida.DOM
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  • What was the medication you were given for the parasites? Were you given any other medications during the past few months? I would not worry about HIV right now, but focus on other STD tests, and check for candida.DOMI agree with Acuann.I do not know enough about HIV to give you an answer- but I think there is a huge emotional factor here.You have to test and wait for results- that alone is putting a lot of pressure on you- also, the way that you gave a warning on your first post as far as your posting being offensive, give many clues.This is not about morals- but read this carefully: think about why you did it. Did you do it to comply with others? how is your self-steem? you obivously knew you were exposing yourself to something- risking your health.So- there are internal issues that you need to resolve.You gave a warning- like you did not want to offend others. How could you offend others? Have you offended yourself? So- Meditation here can help.I don't believe in any "sin theory" right at this moment. So I am not trying to condemn you- we are all friends in this board- we are here to give support:I just want to suggest that you explore what your body is trying to tell you.Meditate on what is the purpose that this experience serves. Why did you do it- what did you learn. Not just the "how do you feel"- since the "feel" gets very influenced by external "artificial" values.Take Care- I hope for you to do a full recovery.Blessings.Fruity.
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  • I was prescribed Flagyl for the parasite. I was told to I could discontinue taking it since I experienced a burning sensation in my arm and legs. I was prescribed entex LA for congestionI was prescribed Prilosec 20MG for chest painsI was prescribed Avelox 400mgI was prescribed Prinivil 5mg for high blood pressure andI was prescribed Ambien 10mg for sleep disorder. I realize do suffer from low self esteem and from this I feel prey to the peer pressure of a so call friend while vacationing. I am seeing am making an appointment to see a behavioral specialist at my HMO. Thanks everyone for encouragement. My general physician had some additional blood work drawn up. I have been given a referral to make an appointment with ENT and Neurologist. I will keep this form updated.
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  • Dude! It has been over a year since my scare. All seem to be ok with the exception of the same symptoms lingering.
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  • Did your parasite get cured? If not, ask your doctor for Alinia, which has less side effects than Flagyl. It is a three day course. I hope your symptoms are better.
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  • I think it is probably still a parasite; you can research for natural treatments and go on that for like ten days. I would also try the other medication that the other poster suggested. You should get blood work for herpes 1/2, also, and the varicella zoster virus (shingles)..
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  • I agree with monster... Find out what type of parasite as well and do some reading. Parasites can give you loads of symptoms. Forget about the HIV... You are definitly out of danger there... Kiera
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