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Positive throat culture for E Coli

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  • July 22, 2006
  • 03:31 AM

My daughter is 3 and presented with a fever for 3 days, than a sore throat, cough with congestion and a very raspy voice. Her Dr. said it was viral but I insisted on a throat culture suspecting it might be strep. It was negative for strep but came back days later positive for E. Coli. The doctors and nurses thought it was an unusual case and the doctors consulted with each other to prescribe the right antibiotic. They gave her Amoxicillin and Clavulanate. They were as confused as I was as to how or why it harbored in her throat. She has no stomach or intestinal symptoms. Now, a week after she got sick I have a sore throat. They suggested that I also get a throat culture. All my searches come up with E Coli infections in the digestive tract. I can't find anything about it as a throat infection. I hope the medicine works and I intend to get another culture after the 10 days is up.

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  • I too had E. Coli infection and also obtained a terrible sore throat after 3 days of being ill. I then started taking Amoxicllin/Clavulanate 500-125 Mg. and after 2 days my throat started feeling better. Prior to the sore throat I was vomitting and had diarrhea. I had not been that sick in 10 years. I wish I had started taking the medication sooner. From when I started feeling ill, it took me 8 days to start feeling better. I was incredily weak and tired and the kidney areas on my back were very sore. -- Snorky
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    • September 16, 2006
    • 11:08 PM
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  • Two months ago i had a sore throat and fever up to 38.9 but mostly 38.3 and 3 days before the fever i had something like an apthae its was small (like the head of needle ) red dots (no bumps because i thought it could be herpes because i had my first herpes ocuring two months before the incident i am now describing ), this red dots got close and then an ulcer created in 7 days (like the herpes i guess) then i used clarythromycin only for 7 days then apthae got away and so did the fever and the throat (in like 5 days the fever and throat).But then the apthae came back in the left side of my tongue now smaller but with and with small nose running and ear pain , and stayed liek one month small ... then its went away for a day and came back again with pain in the ear and a little nose running, All this happened for a 2 months and with some foliculitis i had i was afraid of stafylococous all over my body lol...or even syphilis i dont know .... And i took 10 procef it didnt do anything axcept that the foliculitis got away and ten days after i stoped the antibiotics i took by mu own....!! i did a culture on my mouth most people couldnt see my apthae but i know it was there...i am noit crazy i hope.. and the culure came back saying its E.coli in low development , my internist said that it might be a wrong diagnosis maybe the culture was contaminated because he things its could be really strange thinking also that i havent had oral sex or something like that .. (The only think i did is that i ate a decorative cinamon (realll but old in a box) that i found in a restaurant , who knows it might have been dirty , or i think my keyboard or my fdriends dog i dont know !!!! in books its says that E.coli does not inhubit normal tongues and throats ...!! any ideas? i ll take the knew antibiotic the doc gave me for now
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  • THE FACTS now are that i did two cultures the first one said i had e coli on my tongue the second one sed i didnt have and the small aphtae looking thing was still on my tongue but it increased only when i was tired ects , i also did a vdrl test for syphilis and it was negative :) so what the.. is it ? one dentist and friend tolled me that it might be geographical tongue witch is an autoimmune disease like psoriasis ects wich is for life and i shouldnt pay attention to it , but i am still to find out if my lymph nodes are getting swelled , id they are then it might be an infaction. i worn you i am close to hypochondriac , so dont follow my example just your doctors : ) ! ( aa i also have some pimples like staphylococous on my body , a 2 3 months not many , i use fucidin, how do i get reed of them? whats wrong with my immune system?? maybe its because i had a pneymonia last year if once you ve been affected by bacteria you can be again if they are the same type are they? :D)
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