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Peptostreptococcus in Breast and Face. I can feel it poking/tingling throughout body.

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  • Posted By: hillaryL
  • October 1, 2013
  • 02:00 AM

Hello, my name is Hillary and I live in Santa Clara Co. in Northern California.

The cyst in my R breast was surgically removed 8 weeks ago (even though the Dr. missed the Bad Spot all together.
That's how I Finally was Dx' with the Peptostreptococcus and also Prevotella. I as well have a large cyst on my R ovary which is very painful. I have SEVERAL good sized Nodules in my Lungs which I found out about 2 months ago, repeating CT Friday. Plus the *Labral Tear (Cartilage in R hip surrounding the ball joint)... Plus severe Groin pain and numbness and severe tingling.. (This area makes an obvious popping sensation and sound when pressed upon. Total sign of the infection.) ..AND the Horrible pain located in my lumbar spine L 4,5...and spreading. Not to mention the pain in my R knee, (It feels and looks like I have hardly any MEAT or Muscle there anymore. Pain in my thighs, my neck, my chest somewhat, my hands and feet, my abdomen, my vagina (which hasn't felt normal for 5 months!) I'm not done yet. In my anus, my mouth tongue and cheeks, in my head, (Lots of headaches),,, In my arms an shoulders, basically everywhere. Let me not forget my vision has really turned for the worse. I can barely focus. It wasn't a gradual thing, it was a sudden thing and its getting worse rapidly. There's constantly weird things in my eyes like "the sleepy crud" but bigger, longer. Very gross. I never have any mucus in my nose, If I do it's also strange..
kinda visceral and worm-like.

HELP!!!!! ME!!!!!

I know what I have. It's not a simple or mild case either. I know I may not be able to win this battle. I've been dealing with the Hip, Groin, Knee, Ovary and Breast since December 4th, 2012. All of which was a total sudden onset. All extremely Painful! I must have gone to the ER 12 times (NO joke) when this happened back in December. They didn't help then either. I thought all along the pain was just coming from the Labral Tear, which I also thought the numbness and tingling was from too. I wasn't sure why my back gave out like that. Crazy pain from that too. My spine felt crushed. No pain no anything before it all hit. The cyst in my breast was there then too.

My problem although is so simple. I can NOT for the life of me convince ANY of the Dr.s I've seen to thoroughly check me out.
__Not a One. I'v gone three times to the er and every time, even the last time when I had proof, he still did absolutely nothing. No blood test, no urine test, not any sort of test at all. I begged. "No" he said. "I'm not going to bother. You're fine. Go home" Each time he'd Dx' me as being delusional. (Quite honestly I'm at a standstill with this debilitating pain and this suffering. I can't see, can't barely eat, hurts to walk and sometimes I can't! I can't have sexual relations! And the depression. The Crying. The Loneliness. Honestly I'm ****** and am about to give up on myself and on any hope I may still have of pulling through and eradicating this deadly force. Truthfully I want to give up all together, I'd rather die then live like this anymore. Especially in a world where every MD I hope will help me_ won't... that's how bad I feel. I feel like I'm on the path of death at a rapid rate. I'm Horrified. I'm so scared. (Now I'm crying) I do not want to die this way. One would think for Pete's sake's someone would be a bit more concerned for my health and at the very least try to prove me wrong. I've got the Dx on paper, from a Pathology lab. The specimen came from my breast (That IS internal Right!?!?!!) ... it was gangrene as well!!! Why would the surgeon miss most of it, Rx me with a 10 day cycle of Cipro, and think it's all gone. I tried to argue my case, he wouldn't have it. "YOU'RE FINE HILLARY!!" When I handed the Pathology report to my Family Practice Dr, I was so happy because I just knew she was going to admit me into O'Connor Hospital. Get this. She had never even heard of it and when she conferred with her associates to find out what it was, she walked in and told me it's not Flesh Eating, that the Surgeon and the Dermatologist are wrong! I stomped out.
(I'm going to Sue. They ALL turned me away and did NOTHING. They put in my Medical Record that I was Paranoid and Delusional (NOT cool) and put me on Risperidone 3mg Bid. Two Hospitals and four MD's are going to hear about this, one way or another. I'm just not sure where to start and who to talk to as I'm on Disability (SSDI) and haven't the money to pay the upfront lawyer fee's... If anyone has any resources on the Lawyer thing I'd greatly appreciate you for it!! With Love even. : )

To wrap it up, I'm still in a futile negotiation with my Primary Doc to get me that referral I asked for 2 months ago to an Infectious Disease Specialist. Update: She's out on vacation for two weeks in Yosemite.

I do have an appointment to see my spine Dr. in a few days. He hasn't been informed of the diagnosis yet.
I'm going to have a heart to heart with him and see if he'll refer me to the specialist.

Maybe he'll help me.

you can reply to me here: hillarylivingston@yahoo.com

Thank you for reading my story. I'm open to any advice I can get.

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