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mystery illness

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  • Posted By: jenmorgan
  • March 29, 2009
  • 00:20 PM

For the past four and a half to five years I have been struggling with what I now call my "mystery illness". The symptoms all seemed to surface right around the time I came back from a one week trip to rural Honduras.
My first symptoms were- Diarrhea, Chronic Fatigue,Nausea, Vertigo
Went to Doctors- tested for parasites/ giardia- nothing came up so I was
referred to GI Specialist and told I had IBS.

For a few months I seemed to feel better- and I ended up going back to Honduras for the next three years. Over the course of those three years, the same nausea and irregular bowels continued- then I also started getting a distended stomach at times, (severe bloating), irregular menstrual cycles, yellowness of the eyes, and mucus in my stools.

Being told I probably had parasites, I started taking fairly regular cycles of parasite med's. (tinidazole)

Upon moving back to the states, I started a diary of diet and what foods induced symptoms. Noticed trend of gluten and dairy inducing some s/s so I took them out of my diet. After a while I went back on dairy- but I still eat a gluten free diet.

In the past two years, I have developed mucus and excessive sputum reflux. Regurgitation of food. I will have random "episodes" that last 5-8 hours where I can not swallow anything- even my own spit without excessive pain/ discomfort. These "episodes" have no correlation to specific foods that I can tell and seem to happen at random-
I also have bone aches, aching kidneys and liver, and vertigo is getting more severe...

Recently I have had a generic test for Liver Function and Celiac disease- all results normal
I was also tested for Heb B (for which I never got a vaccine)- I was negative
and I was tested for HIV- which also came out negative.

I am interested to see what thoughts are in regards to this mystery... I have no health insurance and though I feel it important to find out what is wrong with me- it would *hopefully* help costs some if I had an idea as to where I should start...

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  • It sounds like a Parasite infection to me too.Have you had any skin problems?
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  • :) Hey there, sounds like your having no luck at all with any of this!!!! Im so so sorry to hear this. I have read this a few times over and over, I am woundering if you have had any allergy tests done on yourself for medications or inviromental? I was so so sick for many years and they could not figure it out so i went off all my meds and we went one thing at a time. It ended up i am allergic to Sulfa drugs and have inner ear problems ( Vertigo). I had tubes in my ears at a very young age...Maybe your problem did start with the IBS but maybe the meds are giving you a hard time. I have a gastric problems as well. I was also in a car wreck (Head went threw window)that damaged the nerves in my head and neck that cased alot of this. When the inner ear is injured this causes alot of the dizzy/nausia ect. Pressure changes in weather or altitude may cause some too. Have you been tested for the West Nile Virus? We have cases of it here in Ontario that have a few of the things you are speaking of....I know this may cost alot for you but maybe talk to your Dr on a few of these things, its worth a try... Hope this might help you on researching a few things and i Pray your doing better REAL soon cause i know its not easy.. Take care;)
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  • Jen,the combination of your symptoms sound _very_ similar to what my daughter, and now I, are experiencing. She first picked up the illness 2 years ago in - guess where - Honduras. Somehow I've also picked it up since she's come back home, so that tells us something about the behavior of the illness. Both of our symptoms are progressing, but so far no MD has been able to help. I am currently researching parasites because I think that may be the cause. I'd be interested in dialoguing with you one on one about this to learn more.Feel free to send me email at pcafar7spamaway@yahoo.com. Delete "spamaway" from the address. Pete
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