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I have microbial discharge in my urine, my stool, my nose, my blood, and my skin. Parasite tests neg

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 17, 2014
  • 08:28 PM

Of those conducted, tests for parasites all negative. Medical personnel doing the tests apparently are either untrained or incompetent. Failing to come up with a diagnosis and failing to conduct the necessary tests to determine what my condition is. It is my belief based on research that I have microbial organisms coming out of my body and sores where the creatures are clearly visible with magnifying glass, yet MDs refuse to examine. Delusional parasitosis seems to be the hypocritical cover-up diagnosis as per the CDC's findings to explain a real medical condition now called Morgellons Disease by those with a broad range of symptoms. My large intestine was removed in 82 due to ulcerative colitis which exacerbated into toxic mega-colon resulting in a total colectomy. Three months later an illeal-anal pull through operation with the creation of a J-pouch was performed. Loose frequent bowel movements have been normal for me, since the colon removed water from and stored stool. Now I'm having severe diarrhea and MDs are ignoring this symptom which is very serious. Urine samples contained crescent shaped worm-like things about 2mm long, white in color yet the lab failed to identify or even mention them. An infectious disease MD determined blood and stool samples were negative for parasites. I've learned that with Strongyloide stericoralois nematodes (which live in the small intestine of humans) may require multiple stool sampling to detect. I made several trips to hospital ERs for the condition only to be told I was delusional. Even spent almost a week in a psych ward because of a serious panic attack and a determination that I was a threat to myself and or others. I needed physical treatment not mental. Not sure if I have these helminthes but I'm sure there are organisms that have made me their host and are robbing me of nutrients; causing fatigue, diarrhea of course, malaise, runny nose with occasional blood containing translucent "worms," peri-anal itching due to larvae or worms leaving the rectum at night traveling up the scrotum trying to reach blood to get back into the lungs where they can be coughed up and swallowed to return to the small bowel (if Strongyloide). I cough up as much as I can to minimize auto-infection. My next step is to see a GI MD who can look inside the bowel and determine the presence or absence of parasites. I have strange "hairs" growing all over my body (some call them sugar snakes) and the sensation of and visible signs of worm-like things moving under my skin. Fibers coming out of skin especially noticeable on fingers. Sores and scratches heal slowly and not completely. Some start out as what looks like a pimple. These conditions are worsening my mental health issues: PTSD, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, chronic depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I have diabetes insulin dependent, high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia, weight loss, etc. Every day I realize that my health is deteriating at an alarming rapid rate and I feel helpless. Is there any medical help available? Help me God.

Broken, Torn, and Twisted.

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  • Look into sand fleas and sand flies

    I have some similar parasitic simptoms and have also seen them.

    I bath in apple cider vinegar and epsom salt every other day at least and drink a apple cider vinegar made for sipping (Walmart has it next to the regular vinegar next to the pickles)
    Try cleaning with borax -your toilet,tubs,sinks,fridge...everywhere. Add some to each wash and use hot water then dryer on hottest setting for at least 20 minutes. Sprinkle it along baseboards and on carpets and vacuum it up 12 to 24hrs later and dispose of vacuum contents in tied airtight plastic bags outside.
    My family is being treated with ivermectin (same as heartguard for dogs) but just began treatment since I have been called crazy often. I was scared to end up in psych so I told a dr i have an itchy downstairs and i can see nits/eggs from lice there and I believe cosleeping is spreading them and they gave us the medsand gave me a referral for an examine downstairs after a little bit.
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