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contagious infection destroying my body

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  • Posted By: notgoodatall11
  • June 18, 2011
  • 11:43 AM

hi all,

im not sure if these symptoms are related and if this is a recognizable contagious infection. it started one morning i woke up looked in the mirror and saw puffy eyes. and a slight hair loss i thought nothing of it and continued. months later (about 8-9) after playing football all across the country in many competitions. i started to suddenly get crazy muscle spasms in both my left thigh and my right thigh... i thought ok this is normal im active maybe my muscles are tired... but then my next game i couldnt run my leg just tore in the left thigh..but only sightly.. i pulled up & stopped playing... rested for a few weeks then tried again this time a burning pain in my thigh as i went to take a shot snapped my left thigh. like i felt the muscle snap and like an elastic band ping inside my leg.. i thought ok so i have torn my muscle very bad.

i went to a physio tried some stretching techniques to help it heal.. this seemed to do the trick & was ready for action. iplayed, then the slight tear again... as i played the week after the burning pain and rip happened again. i tried all this process of muscle rebuilding for months now. nothing has improved, but this is not where it stops! i tried running to build my muscle and both my ankles seize up and my knees hurt so bad infact my whole body aches if i try to do anything involving exersize. its scary as if an infection is eating my muscles and joints.

now this is the worrying part, i work in a large office with alot of people. now whether some1 gave this to me or i brought it into the office im unsure however. every single person started off having normal looking eyes (non puffy) however as the weeks have gone by, every person within the office has now got puffy eyes and i hear all complaints about pains ache and everything.. i see people hobbling on one ankle, crutches the lot. its almost everyone.

this is everything i know.

looking on here there are lots of diseases and infections.. but airbourne without contact infections.. this is scary stuff? if this doesnt stop spreading or get cured maybe we wont see competitive sport on tv in a few years.

anyone recognize this? also its a possibility a red spot rash is linked in with this hoever i cant see that on many of the others although a few like myself have this rash

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  • Hello - I'm sorry to hear of your problem, it sounds really distressing. I don't know if this will be any help, but I have hair loss which I'm sure people around me are catching from me. I don't really know anything about it, but I have just come across something called H.pylori which is some kind of infection that lives in the gut - and I think muscle pain could have been one of the symptons I read - I found it looking for hair loss causes.It probably isn't connected, but it sounds like you can get tested for it as the doctors and be treated. Like I said, I really don't know much about it.Also, are you sure people around you are contracting what you have? I always think the same thing about my hair loss, but sometimes I think it might largely be worry and paranoia.I really hope you find a cure, and try and stay positive and not worry too much.All the best and good luckCarina
    carina 1 Replies
    • October 5, 2012
    • 05:12 PM
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