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Gross White Lumps Coming From Tonsils

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 17, 2007
  • 09:32 PM

Ok, ok. My GP once said that these "salty" tasting little white lumps were bits of food that had been trapped in throat tissue and then coated and released.

BUT I now wonder.

I recently learned that I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

I had a period of about three years (15-18) when these lumps were more prevalent than at other times. Once, a lump about the size of a dime, which had a distinct wave pattern to it, came out of my throat.

The lumps hide behind my tonsils and are very annoying until they are released. I should also mention that as a child, I was in the hospital so often for Strept and Ear infections that they knew me on a first-name basis.

Is there a chance that this is a connection of which the medical community is largely unaware? Have others experienced this?


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  • Oh my gosh! Same thing happens to me all the time. I have never asked the Dr. about it I just thought it was the food thing too, but growing up they wanted to remove my tonsils and put tubes in my ears but my parents wouldn't let them. Maybe this is somehow related......
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  • They are call tonsil stones. I get them too and had lots of sinus, strep and ear infections as a child. You can learn more at Dr. Harold Katz's website. He told me to either use a water pik on my tonsils or he has some mouthwash that will help. http://www.therabreath.com/art_tonsilstones.asp?p=no&gclid=CJu35oa_34wCFQJUZQod7Wts6g Good luck!
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  • Believe it or not I can tell you what this is. I have had these for years and the doctors never know what I was talking about. I recently had to go to an ENT and she actually asked me about them and I was dumb founded because no one ever knew what I was talking about. This is what she said "The tonsils shed on a daily basis and people with thyroid or stomach/esophogus conditions can shed more than normal. Normally we just swallow the little balls without knowing it but people with these condition actually accumulate the balls on their tonsils and they are too big to be swallowed without us knowing it so they come up in your mouth instead."
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    • February 12, 2008
    • 10:02 PM
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  • I get these too about every 2 weeks, I also have a Upper spine/neck injury could they be connected??
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  • i have these also, the form on my left tonsil only?i know when their there because i feel them rubbing against my tongue. I never really understood what they were, i just thought they would go away if i was to spit them out?they taste horrible and i sometimes gag when they drop off in my mouth. i don't know what to do to get red off them ... i tried poking them with a tooth pick, its worked but it made me gag and then i felt really ill so i stopped, there' still one there know and i don't know how to cure it for good. I'm perfectly fine and as long as i can remember i've never been to hospital for any major reason's, and i've only been to the doctors for tonsillitis.
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    • August 11, 2009
    • 02:57 PM
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  • I have these as well, sometimes a few times a week! I don't have much of a gag reflex, so I usually manage to push them out from behind my tonsil. If you open your mouth and you can see it there, you can usually push it out. I asked my doctor about it and she said that I had irregular surfaced tonsils, and so it was easier for the food to accumulate there. She didn't seem too worried about it, but it's weird because I never had this problem before until 3 years ago when I moved into a different appartment. My husband never had this either before until we moved into this appartment. I was thinking maybe there is mold here, or something, and this is an allergic reaction, like increased production of mucus? Let me know what you guys think :SThank you all
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    • November 17, 2010
    • 03:29 AM
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  • Hey all!I'm a hygienist and my husband gets these. Best way to flush them out and prevent more from producing is by getting a water pik and using it every day! Aim it towards where the tonsil stones form and flush the area! :)
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    • February 7, 2011
    • 02:46 AM
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