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Years of pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 22, 2008
  • 06:14 PM

When I was working, two years ago I started to get severe headaches, almost a migraine, but not quite. (I know I had to deal with a lot, but I never had them before) Then I started to have chest pains, dr sent me to cardiologist, nothing was wrong with my heart. Then I had green feces, heartburn, and abdominal pain, dr sent me to specialist and was told I was fine after an endoscopy and colonoscopy, maybe I had IBS or GERD they said. Then my back started to hurt, real bad to the point I couldn't hardly move. Dr sent me for xrays and mris. Xray said spinal stenosis, MRI said everything was fine. Dr sent me to orthopedic surgeon, whom told me I was fine, gave me a prescription for Motrin (my physician had me on painkillers and anti-inflammatories which I needed to even move) and told me to go home. During all of this time I sometimes get pain in different parts of my body that comes and goes, my joints hurt off and on, I have severe headaches off and on, I'm extremely tired, I have no energy whatsoever. I opt to watch tv and sit then to move. I have gained 30 pounds so now everything is being blamed on being fat. Hello! I got fat because I can't move!! Now, when I walk - dr said walk 3 miles 3 times a week- my legs start to tingle on bottoms of feet then go numb by end of walk. I am seeing a vascular specialist whom says it's due to my back pain that has gone undiagnosed.
I also from time to time have muscle spasms that come and go anywhere and everywhere in my body including my face. I sometimes feel dizzy, lightheaded. I sometimes feel as though my blood sugar has plummeted and need to sit and eat something right away. Sometimes fatigue cripples me and I can't hardly move or think or do anything.
Please tell me someone has the same things and knows what I am suffering with.

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  • Sometimes fatigue cripples me and I can't hardly move or think or do anything. Fatigue, heart pains, joint pains, bowel issues, headaches, numbness, tingling, thinking issues, dizzinesses etc... all can feature and are often the main features in chronic fatigue syndrome. Im not sure that is your issue thou as I've never heard a person with CFS talk about green bowel motions. Also a walk like that would make CFS worst if it is CFS.. does the symptoms flare up worst after (maybe some time after.. maybe even the next day or so after)... that walk??? If so that's post exertional fatigue and if that is the case, DO consider CFS. Maybe also have yourself checked for fibromyalgia (this can be tested by the fibro trigger points) as many of those symptoms and joint pain can go with fibromyalgia. (If you are managing to do walks like you said regularly.. it's doubtful you then would have CFS but Fibro may be more of a possibility).
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