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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 30, 2010
  • 10:26 AM

Wow didnt know there were still so many people with this..

Probably sounds familiar, but heres My sad story
I didnt know if i actually had this or not but i think i know for sure that i do now.. but for the past 2 years ive been noticing signs.. where people around me doing weird things. Such as touching their nose and holding their breath when they are really close to me or just look like they got a piece of poo stuck in their nose. I am still paranoid about coming close to someone, afraid they will plug their noses or something stupid. I would occasionally ask my family if i stank, but they would always say no, and yet they would still touch, brush, plug their nose around me. but I never actually heard anyone around me say something was stinky, but theres always SOMEONE touching their nose, it never fails. I duno if there is some kind of epidemic going around where everyone just has to touch their nose cause simon says, but its getting really annoying.
One time i even went as far as to see if the nose plugging thing was coincidence or not. So i walked into a room full of people, instantly there was brushing of noses. Then i walk out and peek back in the room. Everything seemed to be normal again. I walk back in.. bam and you know what. As you can tell, I've been quite obsessed with this now.
As for the smell itself, i can sometimes smell it if i inhale really hard, and ya it does seem to be strongest after i go to the bathroom, which i do every morning and night. I try to see if the smell would go away if i go to the bathroom 2 hours before i go out, and just sit around until then. But the people around me continue to enjoy having their fingers up their noses.
As for diet, i try to drink loads of water. I eat alot of fruit and healthy junk. I try to stay away from foods that cause gas or stinky breath. But i still be stinky.
I wish i could just buy a air tight suit and wear it 24/7 then i wouldnt have to worry about people smelling me, then followed by plugging of noses. OR maybe everyone ELse can wear air tight suits.. i dunno ive tried to live my life normally, but its been failure so far. Lost my last job in a month (world record.. i duno) because secret shoppers found me "unpleasant" even though im the most enthusiastic greeter there. Pretty much no social life..(as in, i know a lot of people but i dont say anything when i see them cause all im thinking about is my odour and it just becomes strangely awkward) confidence is close to nothing. I seriously need help.. oh and im only 20.
Gradually Losing everything, but hey at least i get to keep my minimal sarcasm

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