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Worse than PMS

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  • Posted By: Gina22
  • April 7, 2009
  • 08:23 PM

Hi everyone,
I would always get depressed few days before my period, but it got worse about 2 years ago. Just couple days before I get my period I become extremely depressed, i feel miserable and have suicidal thoughts...I become antisocial, I cry all day long and feel like noone understands me, loves me and everyone just turned away from me. Once my period has started, I feel ok and guilty for all those negative thoughts I had on my mind. Last month it was so severe that I was actually scared for myself that I could end up hurting myself or making some mad mistake. Its like few days each month i don't want to live and see my life useless and want to just die and the rest of the month i'm OK.
What is wrong with me? Please help!!!!!!!!!!:confused:

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  • Sorry to hear that you are feeling so badly. That time of the month is ***l to start with, you certainly do not need to feel the way you are.First I wonder how old you are? Are you on any birth control? Have you had children? Have you had a miscarriage? Hormones play a huge part everyday. Of course our levels get wicked screwed during PMS..for lots of reasons. Are you having and pains with your period? Affecting your appetite at all? Are you having problems with Anxiety or Depression or mood swings beyond PMS week? My thought are 1. Endometriosis-(scar tissue)can cause pain, discomfort in many areas. 2. HPV-STD can throw our hormones out of whack. 3. Ovarian cyst-can throw hormone balance off Once are levels are off it causes more issues. when we can't understand what's going on with our bodies it scares us, makes us unsure whether this is "normal" or not. Once that door opens we question everything. I would seriously recommend seeing someone in gyno-this could be a super fast fix for you. Sounds like a hormone deficiency, maybe you need a stronger estrogen pill. I wish you well. Don't give up. Stay strong Becca318
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  • Have you looked into PMDD?
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  • Have you been tested for food allergies? I know what you are going through. I used to feel the same way, even had outburst of rage. Since finding out that I am allergic to gluten and stopped eating these products, I no longer have this problem. If gluten is not the problem, don't stop considering what you eat. I have heard of people with similar issues with milk, soy, or even preservatives or artificial colors. I don't understand the physiology behind it, but certain food sensitivities seem to be aggrivated by the hormones. And if a doctor tells you that you are not allergic, do not discount a sensitivity. A true allergy will cause an immune response, sensitivities do not. However, your reaction can be VERY similar!!!
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    • November 22, 2009
    • 00:33 AM
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