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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 7, 2006
  • 03:48 PM

:confused: I'm a 37 year-old professional with a great job and family. I started having left-sided back pains a few years a go which were treated with cortisone shot and massage. Well, the pains have come and gone. I am not getting pretty intense pains between my shoulder blades that can radiate down my arms at times and, somtimes casue a throbbing sensation down by my left elbow. I also continue to have the sharp pains on the left on and off. I was in a car accident in May and have recieved massage therapy for the last 6 months which thought may be helkping but, I sit here today with this PAIN and it's worrisome. i also have been battleing with stomach pains with they inititially diagnosis as GERd and tried prevacid. Seems to help short terms but made my nauseated. Did a scope...stoamch looks great. I'm frustared because when I feel like this my work performace suffers and I'm a drag at home. I'm usually fun-loving and a go getter and I'm feeling like I just want to make it through the day. I do get anxious at times and my heart rate zooms up to the 90-100's. This makes me hesitant to exercise. Help!!

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  • I don't have enough info to say much but let me just lightly suggest that those back pains (assuming they are not work related) you used to have may well have been from a slight missalignment of the spine such as from having one leg slightly shorter than the other (faily common) and the Anterior Iliac spine axis tries to compensate by tilting and this can certainly strain muscle fascia and cause ache. Visably you may not even be able to see if one leg is shorter than the other but if you have someone stand behind you and look at what the "love handles" do on each side that should tell you something. In other words, from the back, a person would compare the skin tightness or folds between the left side and the right side of your waist right at the 'hip bone' level. That cure may simple. A shoe insert. This may also be aggrivating the alignment of the rest of the spine.(PS-It won't work for you to look into a mirror at the front side of your body and try to compare. )The arm pain would almost have to be coming from your neck, in the C3-C4 region. A good radiograph could rule that out (or in).
    healer4u 4 Replies
    • November 7, 2006
    • 07:34 PM
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