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working in China and may have blood poisoning...help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 17, 2007
  • 01:42 PM

A friend of mine is working in China and recently had surgery on a boil that appeared on his lip. He is now experiencing many symptoms that the doctors there believe may be indicitive of 'blood poisoning', such as increased heart rate, high fever, low blood pressure, chills, and loss of consciousness. He has not been hospitalized and I'm very concerned! He is in the city of Suzhou and says that he hasn't found anyone who speaks english very well. From what I've read it can be life threatening. Can anyone please offer any suggestions?

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  • here's a suggestion tell docs there to test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis your friend is having similar symptoms to many on this site alone we assume it's because he "caught" something there Please read last 4-5 pages of thread titled"It's a mystery until we solve it" there are many people there with exact symptoms...seem random...no rhyme or reason we are all just beginning to figure this out best to you and I will pray for your friend, as well as everyone posting in this forum...mommy cat:D :o
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  • feeling as if ‘poisoned This is an ME symptom I knew I remembered seeing this because I've said in the past "I bet this is what being poisioned feels like" coincidence?? only you can decide mommy cat:)
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  • Unregistered I am not sure if this will help: Is it DR's that do not speak English very well? If he can even find anyone that speaks both languages, even a coworker, that could go to the DR with him. If it is blood poisoning he needs treatment. I just had another thought, my sister has a friend that speaks chinese, would it help if I asked for the translation to blood poisoning to be spelled phonetically? Take care Cala
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  • YOUR FRIEND SHOULD GET IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION!CONTACT YOUR EMBASSAY OR CONSULATE!Blood poisoning is extrmely serious, can be life threatening, and can progress raipdly. Depending on which bacteria is releasing/causing the toxin, it can also become horribly painful. A friend of mine had toxic shock syndrome last summer and was placed in an artificial coma for 3 days because of the pain. If the hospital won't admit him, contact your embassy or a consulate. They should be able to help you. In the mean time, make sure he drinks a lot of water or juice/sports drinks diluted with water. This can help to flush out the toxins a little.
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  • Thanks for your response, mommycat. I will keep that in mind and mention it to him. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes....and also to you.Jennifer
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  • Cala, thank you so much for your help! The doctors have been able to communicate to him that they believe he has blood poisoning, however he hasn't been hospitalized. Some progress has been made in the last couple of days in that he's been given blood and urine tests and some sort of prescription, however, he's still suffering the same symptoms. Does anyone know if blood poisoning can be treated orally? From what I've read it's necessary to be treated intravenously. If not treated properly it can start to affect the organs. I appreciate all of your help.Best to everyone here.Jennifer
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  • If he is not feeling better he needs to go back to the DR. I am not positive, I had what I believe was blood poisoning. It was only affecting my arm and had not gotten any further (red line). I was either given a shot or pills to take at home (it was 6 yrs ago so I don't remember which), started feeling better the next day.
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  • Yes, call the consulate. Blood poisoning could turn into a very life-threatening disease quickly. Can he call someone in Hong Kong or the nearest big city? The consulate deals with sick tourists all the time and must have access to interpreters.
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  • Jennifer, just saw a portion of a reputable news program recalling toothpaste made in China. It contains a solution used in antifreeze and as a solvent. Several cases of poisioning have already been reported. Ask your friend what brand of toothpaste he/she was using and if it was made in China. Make sure he informs the consulate. Hope your friend is well
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  • I just saw a new piece on the toothpaste, also. It is very important that your friend get proper medical attention immediately. He or she needs to find sometime of resource- like the embassy- to help. This is NOT something to screw around with. I am a nurse and have seen too many episodes of a slight local infection turn into sepsis (total body blood infection) because the patient waited too long to seek treatment.
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