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With no medical i cant get any answers as to why my rib cage is bulging out...

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  • Posted By: Stephani
  • January 8, 2014
  • 10:16 AM

Ok im new to this kind of thing so i will start from when weird things started to happen.... I am 25 years old and I have high blood pressure that i cant get treated because I can't afford a primary care doctor and the er doctors have yet to help me out and never give me any answers because I am a patient without medical so in other words i am a nuisance to them. Im working on getting medical but in the mean time i would like some answers. I've have high blood pressure since my first pregnancy at 19. Not sure why but its been consistently at or around 150/110 for a couple years at least. So a few years ago now i was t-boned in the rear of my minivan and spun around 180 degrees. I was just fine other then the pain from the seat belt. (I dont know if that has any relevance to this, but it might?) A few weeks after this I started to have these spells of breathing problems. At the time so I wasnt sure what was going on all i knew was that all day long i was constantly trying to get that deep breath that we need to take and it was a serious struggle sometimes. It lasted like that for months. People thought I was making it up or something, and I wished it was fake but then out of no where it just stopped. About a year and a half ago I had just got home and was helping my boys out of their car seats when i had the most excruciating pain strike me on my left chest area. I tried to stand up and walk inside to lay down but I could not stand up because the pain right below my breast in my ribcage area was so extreme that I couldn't bare it. My boyfriend filled the tub up with warm water and I layed in it on my stomach for over an hour. I didn't call 911 cause I didn't think I could afford the ambulance ride. Thinking this cant be happening, im 23 and I might have just had a heart attack. I crawled in bed and fell asleep. In the morning my heart felt weak so i called my sister and she said shes watch my kids while I go to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital and i told the nurse I think i had a heart attack last night can i get checked out. She said mam your too young to have problems like that but go have a seat and will call you when its your turn. I sat there for hours, they finally call me back and run a ekg or what ever take a chest xray, then find out i have no insurance and then they say im fine and that they dont see any problems and send me on my way. No results from the test were given to me. about 2 weeks later is when my problems i am still experiencing began. My left rib cage started to swell up like there was pressure building up under it. It was so painful at time when I thought my ribs were going to crack. I can feel something rubbing up and or pushing against the inside of my rib cage. (which feels very disgusting). Ive been to 3 hospitals for this problem when its becomes so protruded out that I cant even bend and they are concerned at first then the lady come in to gather my info everytime and I have no insurance and I get the famous line..... im fine there is nothing that they can see wrong with me, now bye bye. Im so sick of not knowing what is wrong with me. Laying flat on my back my left rib cage is protruding out 1/2 and inch and sometimes more depending on if i have twisted my body and irritated it. Anyone know what it might be please let me know.. Thank you

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