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Will NOT Stop Sneezing!

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  • Posted By: Nashten
  • November 11, 2010
  • 04:44 PM

Well, it started somewhere around three years ago now... Before, I have not had what I go through now... It just suddenly came on one day and has not stopped!

The beginning:
Three years ago, I was outside doing what I love to do; mowing the lawn and gardening. Around six PM that day when I finished my work, I was in the house, then I started to sneeze NONSTOP from when I started sneezing until I got so drained of energy from sneezing and I finally went to bed which was around 9:30 PM.

I woke up the next morning at 6:10 AM like I do every day, and I was fine until around 7:25, then I started to have another sneezing attack... From when I started until I went BACK to bed at ten AM. Woke up at 1:30 PM, was fine until 3 PM, then it started again, so this time, I decided to try and ignore it throughout the rest of the day. And since from then 'till now, the same process. Wake up, sneeze over 100 times or until I rest...

Before all of this... I have NEVER had any allergic reactions... No asthma, not allergic to pets, dust, hair, grass or anything... And I love gardening and such, and it kills me more and more when I look at my yard which needs to be tended, but I can't because I'll sneeze. Heck, I even sneeze while cooking and being inside the house, and sometimes, my respite is to go outside for a few minutes, then it starts while outside too... I also rarely get a cold, maybe once a year and not even... The doctors have ALWAYS said that my immune system was one of the strongest they've ever seen. And when I do get a cold, it's barely a cold, only an increase in sneezing and a sore throat couples with one or two coughs every hour.

This has really dragged me down... I sneeze so much my eyes hurt and I end up crying, sometimes my sneezes are so aggressive, sudden and fast, it causes my nose to bleed. I quite simply can't go through the day without sneezing. Doctors and their "remedies" be damned... The doctors all told me to take allergy pills, rest and they made me waste $50 on nasal sprays which didn't help because my nostrils are closed so tight, the spray cant enter my nose properly... And if it does... I sneeze it out! Even out in public, I sneeze, and it's so bad, I have to carry some lint-free dish towels with me to use as a 'Snot Cloth'. :D I've counted my sneezes some days, when it's bad, I sneeze for up to three hours and roughly one sneeze for every 6 - 12 seconds. Sometimes 2 - 6 sneezes in under FOUR seconds. How I've tolerated it so long? The violin... Playing the violin is my only retreat from the nightmare!

Right now, my only break from it is writing and playing a musical instrument or listening to music so my mind can't focus on sneezing... But even then, the urge to sneeze is still overwhelming. :(

Past Medical History: I have had my appendix removed when it burst in my body because the doctors then were still too lazy to properly look at me and diagnose me.
Notes: Location does not matter when I sneeze. I sneeze in front of air purifiers, in the supermarket... Quite simply, anywhere and everywhere!

I didn't want to resort to having to ask questions about this on the internet, but it made me break and do this, so I hope someone knows whats going on!

Thank you all!

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