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Will I die????????

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 4, 2010
  • 08:04 PM


Please momebody help me! I'm feeling that I will die.

Iwould like to ask for your help.
I am a woman,and I have never had health problem before.
I had u***otected sex in June in 2009. 2-3 weeks later I had the folowing symtoms:night sweet,sore throat;muscle pain,diarrhea;Wollen lymph glands in the armpits,groin,or neck at 5 or 6 weeks:white tounge;unusual,headache
at 6 or 7 weeks:burning my top of fimgers and foot.
My doctor told me that I have anemia.MY liver enzymes blood(GPT) test was high.My WBC was low on September and October.I had very strong dry cough,dry tounge,dry mouth and irritation throat.my facial pain was at 16 weeks or 20 or 21 weeks.I have lots of mouth ulcer, aphtas, which don't remove.These ulcers last for 7-8 months. Sometimes I have pain of the top of finger, and foot,sore throat,neck pain,and stomachache and fatigue.Sometimes, symtoms, sometimes mot.my EBV,syphilis and Hepatitis was negative at 25 weeks.I took HIV test at 8 months(negative). Now I have stomach ache, and mouth ulcer doesn't remove for 8 months.

have never had problem with my health before this unprotected sex.

at 10 weeks: CMV IgM: 8.0 ( <14.0) so it was negative
at 10weeks: Herpes S.1/2 IGM : 0.50 (<0.80) so it was negative
at 17 weeks:
(after my unprotected sex) my EBW Igg was positive (Liaison Diasorin) but IGm negative (Liaison DiaSorin) I know this what mean.This infectious was earlier.
at 16 weeks: WBC was low: 4,8 (4,00-9,00)
at 16-17 weeks: GPT was 72 (8-55)
at 17 weeks: Hepatitis A,B, and E C was negative (Igg and Igm)
at 17 weeks: CMV IgG was negative.
at 25 weeks: syphilis: was negative (RPR)
MY HIV test:

at 4 weeks: Hexagon test: was negative
at 25 weeks HIV VIDAS DUO QUICK was negative
at 32 weeks HIV : ELISA 4th generation: was negative
0t 35 weeks (almost 9 months) HIV test was neg
1t 35 weeks: syphilis twes was negative (RPR)

So Is's a misterious things happen to me. I went lots of doctors, and I had lots of laboratory results.

Please help me...

1.ELISA test can pick up all strain gruops (N,P)
2.Is it possibble that ELISA can't detect HIV?
3.Why don't remove my mouth ulcer,
4. mabye Am I HIV?
5.What should I do?
6..Is it possibble that test can't show up IHV infectious or syphilis?
7. Do you think am I HIV positive?

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  • First calm down that is the main thing you need to do. I can understand being worried to a great degree but panic will only cause you more hardship. If you have been tested for all STDs then you are probably okay. If you are indeed that worried about it though get re-tested. Maybe someone on here can give you an idea of what you could have and in the meantime maybe try looking at WEBMD to see what you feel could correlate with your symptoms.
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  • Thanks your reply.I hope that somebody really can help me. If I am not worried I have also sympotoms,so it can't cause the stress.
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  • I definately agree that you should remain calm, although I know from experience that is sometimes hard to do. Logically, if all of your test are negative for HIV then that shouldn't be the problem (still you could get retested in about 3 months to make sure as sometimes people seroconvert late). In the meantime, you should see an internist or a specialist to investigate your symptoms. By the way, all mouth ulcers are not caused by herpes...From,Sensible
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  • Dear Sensile and everybody,My last HIV (HIVvidas duo) test and syphilis test (RPR)was at almost 9 monhts after my unprotected sex.Now, I am 10 months after my sex.1.Should I retest at 12 months after my unprotected sex?2. Dou you think that I am HIV positive although I have HIV negative test at 9 months?3.If I will got (because I am praying) my HIV negative test at 12 months after my sex and my symptoms will going on, is it possilbble false negative HIV test or am I HIV positive?Thanks your help, you are the only who help me...
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